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Hey everybody, The snowpant production is complete and we will be updating you via email within the next 1-2 days. The scheduled delivery is Monday March 17, 2014. Thank you very much for your support and patience. -Daniel and Peir !!!
How did I forget the sweater vest!! Also, I didn't mean for this to be negative. Just a friendly nudge
Omg no kg, not sipang! HarrisonK
Re baller slip ons: diemme, cp, prada and Celine all offer similar designs.
I know it's sepia but the colours are flawless. Vineyard vines. I really like the prep look. I went to prep school in Nantucket and it was flawless. Flawless victory
Congrats! That's a beauty I've always liked the oysterquartz 17000 along with AP's quartz offerings. Am I banned from this thread
Buy peir wu
:embar:Stitchys going down the rabbit hole @artishard !
Second fit is perfection!/synth
These Regis ones are hilarious! Makes you think of how many quirks we all have and it's interesting to have ppl pick up on them!
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