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It's a coppens wrist wrap You can kind of see it here http://models.com/mdx/tim-coppens-fw-2012/
So good ivwri. I will join that gang one day
Visable tats are like wearing avante grade or goth ninja to the office place. Is it not the same sort of discrimination? yet we all (those of you in a formal workplace) abide by it.
I've now 'seen' every fassbinder film
Shah, that's such a great dries piece. Dries womenclothinggang
Just some better pics (lighting and detail shots) but proportionally it's fine. I like the floral ol piece.
Spit out my chilled saffron rice pudding at that Cheshire Cat comment
Looks like it's just wutang appropriating logos. But the cdg one is the Smartest /best use IMO
Nice jackets poilu and spacepope! Regis, like those slippers there
Beautiful. The linen looks so substantial.
New Posts  All Forums: