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Mr tony, that's the best zip cardigan ever ...sorry sipang
I don't know how it works really Just saying that models don't get treated that well, unless they are big time
You probably didn't miss much.. I roomed with a guy who walked for Dior and another that walked for RO last year. I was surprised to find that a company as big as Dior was horrible with paying their models. Maybe it's because they are a big company and can lawyer up and find loopholes. From what I recall they were stalling on the payments and if he quit to sign with another label (Dior had exclusivity) then the payment would be void. ..something like that
marble wall is always a good call awesome stuff breezy!!!
Beautiful Japanese fabric Another fun wvb necklace ftw
nice textures toasty. w v b necklace looks good there bud
That I dunno. I know over the next few years there will be three stores in TO and two in BC from what I recall.
Muji is coming to Toronto! Papa snow had a meeting regarding logistics, they're supposed to open in the fall!! Fashion related, the North American president of muji wore a Canadian tuxedo and chucks to the business meeting.
Are the pants on the right the balloon pant? Great displays!
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