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Thanks dudes. I really wanted to put out this clinically stark one as the first piece and go from there. But maybe an interactive fabric selection??
So some people have been asking about other fabrics I was considering for the snow smock. Here's some fabrics! 100% shirting cotton (blue fabric) Silk cotton (patterned fabric) German corded cloth (very eg imo) 100% wool (dove fabric) Sipang suggested a boiled wool which I am totally down for. Maybe next release
Thanks fuuma Yeah I did. I had the Loro piana version cropped and boxy but it wouldn't lend itself to be worn by itself. This version was lengthened and the shoulders were tweaked in order to keep with the same silhouette.
I will. And I will take all your moneys!!I'm working on that and playing with the way the side gusset looks. considering band collar and collarless along with the standard collar
I can do Loro piana but we are looking at lemaire pricing. 400s Unless someone owns a mill I'll post some swatches up tomorrow in the thread
some people have been asking me if i'm working on more clothes and other things. i am. here you go http://www.styleforum.net/t/463958/snowman-x-snowsmock-thread#post_7739789 down to do a different fabric if i can get enough interest.
SnowSmockHi guys, I've been working on something new since revisiting London last summer.It took me a while to engineer the SnowSmock, probably much longer than it should have I wanted this piece to be versatile in terms of how you'd wear it but also be able to accommodate different fabrics and weights.For example, this cut will work for a heavy wool and a light cotton. Reason being, when I find a piece that I like I tend to buy multiples. I plan on having fun with...
yeah that green visvim fit was great. pepsi isnt bad
I had made some credenza trays out of industrial felt and decided to continue with the line and make some more home-ware. Pillows down belowThe credenza trays are going to have a new spin on it by collaborating with my good friend from CSM. Coming Soon!blobject bio pillows [[SPOILER]]
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