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If you buy the cream version can you interchange shirt halves?!
also, this.looks good with collar down too
those girls are steering you wrong my friend when its cold out + hat, that collar pop will look right at home
bene, those jeans fit perfect man. whole fit is great
I like the idea of you fantasizing over wristwatches. Or at least the Picture you painted for me. Vc ultra fine with Lemaire pieces would look, uh, ultra fine (sorry)
Yeah warmth wise, sorry. Ah good to know re shearling down hybrid edit: black btw
How are these jackets on their own? without the inner sherling?
Mr moo may not hire you if you don't wear a watch
[[SPOILER]] much needed read. always enjoy your input
Re vetements, are we talking about this current season? Previous seasons seemed to be heavily branded and 'street' of you will
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