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Is for is by is in collaboration with is This message brought to you by is. IS
My spokesperson will issue a statement soon to get me out of this mess.
Is that a jumper/onsie? Who is stocking that? Interesting way to style eg. Reminds me of cdg, especially with the flowery details.
Stitchy is no stranger to the realm of baller boots
Yeah, itll be interesting to see what he does with denim as the main material. A lot of darting I suspect
Was it green? I love the rich green colour of this thing. Buttons are rusted and fall off sometimes. I think there's some tiny rust holes too. I found a Chinese coin (maybe japanese?--sorry don't know) with a ribbon in the pocket.
Lord elron (elvish)
Nope they're all original
That niche one you guys carry reminded me of this one.I feel like mikey
[[SPOILER]] Vintage military jacket that I picked up from a cool Japanese dude in London. He then sell to this guy who dyes everything in oxblood and sells for $$$ according to peir and the shah.Velvasheen tJcrew garment dye denimMargielaSup mikey and spacepope
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