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Vintage floral looking good noob! I like the nevergreen fit and the sneakers. The knit is thick/rough enough to work with the pants, not like a fine knit or anything. Sneakers are beat up enough I work with the grungy street wear vibe. Maybe I'm just saying this because synth liked it
What'd you buy? Visvim virgils looking good up there!
digging spacebun you guys and your yohji overshirts those creepers are so good. like the white socks
move over ryan gosling, bamcd! is now fuumas personal assistant
Yes! Keep going without jeans
Yeah it's a zeg-na fabric
thanks stitchy, its a beautiful lightweight zegna wool but super soft.
snowman peir wu victor&rolf kva
Suede toj looks delicious Cps have wedge sole?
This is sf's version of east coast west coast beef tho! Affixedpoint, is that Nuur coat lined or is it more like a cardi/coat hybrid?Both fits look awesome man.Tiras book should read BAWSELYFEPlease photoshop
New Posts  All Forums: