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this thread is a goldmine
Nice furniture and parquet
Thanks for the bday wishes guysI went a size down from margiela gats(42)Same size as cp-soled sneakers (41)Comfy pair of boots
wanted to see @nicelynice in his lemaire coat (saw it on insta) also, amazing stuff flowcharts its my bday today yang li muji veilance diemme
Looks good Cyc, brick is dope (trap pun intended)
Awesome bomber, ghost (in keeping with repetitive groundhog theme) Seriously cool pieces though!
Very cool syeknom! Moomin plus nn smile made my day
@theshah just moved there!
Just a feeler..Would anyone be interested in Vitale Barberis Canonico fabrics for the snowsmock, snowvershirt, and perhaps the shirtleneck?weight is significantly heavier and winter appropriate. pricing would work out to be an extra 100 USD added onto the existing prices of said shirts.here are a few shots [[SPOILER]] cheers!!
you may want to buy yourself a real pair of snow boots because youll be tempted to jump in where did you move to?
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