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JJVE and DVN looking good
keep up the good work shahpang
looks good!was looking at some on the japanese market. perfect for a tuck
ya, a lot of great fabrics with some amazing styling. i do like the way HA styles his models. it might be = pitti but for now im not sick of it
You're welcome. My dad has a Hamilton in his rotation and it seems to be going Strong after 4-5 years so you can't go wrong!
lmao, are you going for a casual watch or something you can wear in your field? (doctor?) i like hamilton but there are cleaner options like a sinn for under 1000 or junghans for something more formal
whats the overshirt? those bartacks synthhairsonicegreen eg looks good cyc!
Lols I woke up in the middle of the night and was like 'I used the wrong elude/allude'But you guys got me back
Are you alluding* that galliano might be a vampire?
Dries Van Noten for your Lady! size 36 womens. yes, this is a womens piece but if you are tiny enough to rock it then go for it! Bought for myself but is too small for my shoulders. beautiful 86% wool 14% nylon wool fabric. DOUBLE PINSTRIPE!! colour is a brown with red pique and the pinstripes are this subtle mint colour. all very subdued and will go well with a simple white button up and black pants. the closure is awesome with a wrap around knot and when left open...
New Posts  All Forums: