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I think I've seen a documentary on Navajo jewellery. Was posted here somewhere. Pretty incredible that clients are buying $10000 worth at a time (unless they're buyers for a store in which case its not a big deal)
Interesting to see the bottle green and suede combined with the Panama hat. Somehow it still looks very springy. Awesome
Are the huarache nm (ropes) going to come to usa/Canada or should I order from the UK?
Nice kg. rose camo is great.
I used to have the buzz rickson loop wheeled sweat and I found it slim fitting and cropped fwiw This is umit benans insta. Sup jetdawg
Some awesome stuff going on in here Nice bag Spope
I have a vintage Pendleton. Really huge and so substantial.
Patchwork junya so good! Did you end up tailoring the arms?
Orlais, details please
Whoa cotton ripstops are nice
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