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Peir Wu says to eat your beans and not get fat but fit
Awesome shootspeed!We told you not to get fat, but it was too late
SNS memento cardigan bought for myself for xmas. worn thrice, 9.9 condition measurements are 19.5'' across the chest 17'' shoulder to shoulder 26.5 sleeve length and 26'' for length but not including shawl
Margiela this season at lvr. Edit: nvm, it's not grey.
Regis, Second ones look comfy but the RLs seem to be great quality (as you've described) I dunno, I almost never go barefoot so maybe the Ralphs are comfy too!
For those that paid and sent phone numbers, your stuff has been shipped! Expect tracking by the end of the day (eastern time)
JwooooOoOooOoO. Dope. I think you can definitely pull off the looser silhouette skip. Pinroll is nice and first shot in 2nd pair looks great. What are they?
Bottom half is very neutral. Prob not the best for that shirt svb
Awesome kg! What's the fabric on the coat??
I have a size medium if anyone is interested. It's really warm, maybe too warm!
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