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i dont like the lower ankle pocket but everything else is cool. you could probably remove the elastic pretty easily
perfect! yeah, mostly just the slider type because the zip chains can be found herethanks!
is that not just a henley? :Phelmut lang (black moleskin)snowman (black cotton poplin)silent (black cotton poplin)ann (black leather)
working on a nylon/goretex musette bag with self locking rubber ykk zips. hard to find thes zips though!
awesome!thanks shah
Yeah rabaya!
what was that site called where they stocked discounted nicolas and mark (rick) tees and nicolo CB?i recently found some old nic and mark tees and want more
i found him on instagram!firdaus.wari
but fanny packs are cool
so nice man!some awesome fits. like grey wool coats, dudes!
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