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i must've missed something. i thought test was an old wwf reference
You can tell from the pics alone that these pieces are extremely well thought out. Those pants that suspension point carries are amazing!
i just received the obsidian (blue) and I'm addicted. RIP baller sneakers
I should have a sample very soon
i think grailed is blocked ?? anyways you can find it on there for those interested (not mine)
met up with brycity recently and he had the crewneck sweater. really nice and chunky ribbing on that!
Recently bought from the Larose online shop. Worn for 7 hours before I decided I should've got the 5 panel cap. For sale of the listing I put one size but it is a size SMALL. Comes with all the tags and is really good condition 9.9/10 Willing to trade for the black casentino 5 panel. Free shipping within Canada. Thanks
Those church's might be my answer to derbies
i dont like the lower ankle pocket but everything else is cool. you could probably remove the elastic pretty easily
perfect! yeah, mostly just the slider type because the zip chains can be found herethanks!
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