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Nope, same price for the crepe, white cotton poplin and navy cotton serge It gets more expensive if you were to order a snowsmock in a super 1xx suiting wool, for example.
A snowvershirt in black wool crepe. That will be a one-off. We can make pants and snowsmock in that fabric for the future.Edit: finished product for @Donut
Some goodies
Is the shirt Schneider bene ? Old Italian dude vibe ftw deadboy!
Yeah I was just going to say gentry does a pretty good job. Haven too
I've been watching chef's table on Netflix and wow it's good. No spoiler but the Francis mallman in episode 3 has a mean poncho game.
[[SPOILER]] 363/][/URL][/SPOILER][/quote]Any of this older Prada?
I do not but that is a great looking machine man!
yeah but it only works in the lexus skatepark built especially for their hoverboard.
@ghdvfddzgzdzg @monteyo @hennree @Donut Your pieces will be ready this upcoming week
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