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I read these two reviews from spacepope's website:A++ arms dealer. Would buy from again. Recommend. Thanks.I bought a vintage modified ak-47 from 2015 and let me tell you, these things are great. Spacepope has a bunch on old dead stock that is worth exploring. Thanks. He also included some space weed in the transaction behind the dumpster.
Omg that quilted blazer. You and Greg should post together Yeah there's a tab closure on my jacket c4 Thanks stitchy. You're awesome
Spacepope you are so right man. I am worki in a shirt with a nice crunchy white poplin in mind. As a member of the hidden placket gang, the placket will walk amongst the shadows So the goal is to release small capsules of pieces that work in different fabrics. ..and 1 size fits two lol. For example a shirt that is cut to flow nicely in a crunchy poplin but also works in a heavy brushed wool serge for fw. I want to have an 'in stock program' where one could order any cut...
Das nice
layering weather ! snowman uniqlo yohji margiela
Those eg are def nice. Maybe they pool bc the elastic ankle detail is too small? How do you like them with the thin elastic detail?
thought this was a shah post awesome c4!
Can be an album cover!Virgils and palette are greatWe should have a pose like mok challenge thread
Beautiful bicycle Kaplan. Awesome stuff Liszt
I was thinking of making myself an apron out of techno material and nylon/grosgrain ribbon for the strings for the days I'm in the studio. Will let you know when and how it comes out.
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