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id have to coordinate that with peir as that was a collaborative effort.the snowsmock is a project of my own.then, if this is successful id like to do a button up shirt with a removable chest pocket. Itll use three buttons from the placket plus an extra button near the shoulder to fasten.top is a hidden placket and bottom is the removable chest pocket shirt im working on. ...but first the snowsmock!!
The bottom is truest colour. None of them were taken with flash but you can see how marled it is in all the pics. White is so good man! It's gonna be slightly more expensive tho. But pm me! I was hoping to get some orders in and just put them into production since Itll look the same as the wool and cotton version. Maybe I won't be able to have the French seams. Maybe too naive to ask for money sight unseen?
Sup Sipang Boiled wool in snowsmock thread! See sig
I'm so happy with this boiled wool. It's got some give/stretch like my '00 boiled wool raf blazer! I wanted to master p grunt so loud when I saw this haha! We need to make it in this. I want one. The white fabric is also a tighter boiled wool with some neoprene-like structure to it. But more expensive bc of quality control. Both are from italian mills. I know for sure the marled charcoal is from Ethomas mill in Italy. Are we ready?! Price would be 185 usd plus...
They seem to put out decent stuff. Liking those visually interesting sweaters
Everlane reads SF. In other news, how do veilance pants fit? Tts?
That's a good looking lineup
Peir wu short sleeve button up from ss14. beige, japanese technical fabric. long, oversized silhouette. size 48 made in uk 9.9/10 condition. rarely worn. Chest is 21" Shoulder to shoulder 18" Total length 35.5" 310>>279
Black ann D high waisted trousers. size xs but fits a small-medium as well, due to the cinch waist. zips on the calf to tighten or loosen the silhouette. Waist measures 18.5" across but it is meant to be cinches and fits my 30" waist. Inseam is 33.5" Hem is 6" Thigh is 12.5" 310>>250
Alright dudes, found some chunky knit fabrics along with a more suiting wool!! [[SPOILER]]
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