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Was just going to say mok was channeling some kind of greaser vibe. Minus the leather.
browsing thru sufu classifieds and jwoo is getting rid of a bunch of grail items i cant believe we have so many of the same pieces raf vandals, mmm paint and his, yang li bomber, moto trousers, umit creepers
Was hoping to see a real live Regis in the wild
Lol, I got out of there just in time Sf, I've seen this fit in person and the fabrics are really cool. The marni pants have this sheen like a Cdg boiled poly
That shirt needs a more severely cut scalloped hem imo
Looks like an awesome time c4! Ivwri, we need more pics of those pants and belt please
Awesome. That belt is really great!
Why does lncc carry so many brands of sunglasses
in this colourway only?
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