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Charcoal? I'll see what I can get my hands on and report back with colour swatches. Then we can all vote. Should be fun!
Okay. Sipang is life. Should've listened to him
Well I'll ask the buyers of this version if they are down to switch to boiled wool and do a run of those. I don't think I'll make a sample tho. Just find the fabric and post here. I'd have to price that one out first but I dont intend on it being super expensive.
Well it seems like boiled wool will be the next fabric option Those are Ann d Vitello boots
yang li ckc snowsmock snowpants muji margiela
Thanks dudes. I really wanted to put out this clinically stark one as the first piece and go from there. But maybe an interactive fabric selection??
So some people have been asking about other fabrics I was considering for the snow smock. Here's some fabrics! 100% shirting cotton (blue fabric) Silk cotton (patterned fabric) German corded cloth (very eg imo) 100% wool (dove fabric) Sipang suggested a boiled wool which I am totally down for. Maybe next release
Thanks fuuma Yeah I did. I had the Loro piana version cropped and boxy but it wouldn't lend itself to be worn by itself. This version was lengthened and the shoulders were tweaked in order to keep with the same silhouette.
I will. And I will take all your moneys!!I'm working on that and playing with the way the side gusset looks. considering band collar and collarless along with the standard collar
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