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Hairs looking good koy
Oh man looks perfect!
Yessir! I like it with cropped trousers because of its height. chunky sole with the gum details sold me. The wolf grey would be nice Dope stuff el Bert. What model larose is that?
Lol yeah. And their dries buys are really nice as well. They had that jacquard suit for just under 1000 CAD
Im grading them as we speakSydney's used to stock ma+ boots and clothing. Even Barney nahkle.They stopped carrying get Barney but I thought they still have ma+ ...I could be wrong
Hey guys I'm hosting the styleforum insta account this week! Today is day 1 of queen street where I'll be going into shops that carry kolor, Marni, ma+, diemme. Borsalino Snowman shirt and pants Nike
Awesome helmut pieces Derrida Looking good el Bert!
On haider Ackermann's insta The only Kanye smile I've seen
Also cool
This is cool
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