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Yeah, best to just have them tapered. I guess you can even try squatting/lunging in then to stretch out the thighs Alternatively, Naked and famous weird guy cut is pretty comfy in the top block and tapers down nicely.
Thanks for the knowledge dieworkwear! Really interesting read My ervell baby alpaca knit pills pretty bad but I think that's because the Sleeves of my winter jacket are lined in a cotton, the kind that pulls your sleeves up to your elbows :/
yeah i feel this way about dries as well. consistently solid.yohji is up there too.
lol, embrace the snowpant :Plooks good man!
"Blackest is the new black: Scientists develop a material so dark that you can't see it..."next level tech ninja gear
Need Yohji wool gab in my life. Maybe instead of a 40k watch I'll get the yohji 40k jacket? Better gaiz?
Was just going to say mok was channeling some kind of greaser vibe. Minus the leather.
browsing thru sufu classifieds and jwoo is getting rid of a bunch of grail items i cant believe we have so many of the same pieces raf vandals, mmm paint and his, yang li bomber, moto trousers, umit creepers
Was hoping to see a real live Regis in the wild
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