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Can't see much but the wall is 1/8 roman brickwork Borsalino Velvasheen slubby tee Damir Snowpant Nike
The bottom Lanvins in koys post might be a good alternative to the all black qasa that are impossible to get
Don't do it. You'll end up buying running shoes out of desperation. You have to walk everywhere and it takes it's toll on our SUV-suburban-driving feet I wear my roshes, haven't even worn my margielas unless I'm walking around the corner.
@c4est, happy belated and a quote from a good hbo tv show That where you got them die-hards? -man, these timbs -yeah, they timbs I can see the tree on the side of them Stanley, good stuff man. Clothes look great too.
Calves on point for summer
I sold that guy my white ann boots Franco manca is okay. Gets old quick. I can eat at lardo everyday though.Went to other shop today. Nice ppl.
90s prada was good stuff !!
It's 300 pounds but I could probably bargain.The other went to a McQueen intern
To score max thumbs I will say this: On the way to watch Werner herzog's Aguirre, the wrath of god, complete with a live orchestra playing the score, I walked by Michael fassbender! Sipang would be proud.
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