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Yeah that's the one! Thanks
jetdawg, whats your fave stationary shop again? the one with tin pencil cases
did i get them all? second was tough...just a guess
i like this game
1st is margiela 3rd is cloak lost on second...ndg?
Wow penance, Parker, kg and s3 for everyone!
Are you at the bay?
Are eytys sneakers cut low around the ankle, like vans? Only diff is the thicker platform sole or what?
Okay, svb how can we convince you to get nicer shoes? I want you to kill it. You can do it.
regis, how do you find your valextra? i felt the leather was quite thin and when folded the wallet was crooked. returned and stuck with my dries ..but maybe it was just faulty (got it from thecorner)
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