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wish it was just the side pockets but really cool
did you mute the colours in this pic? it looks like it can be wearable with a softer or lighter palette
marnis are so good! nice fit bud!
yeah! but cropped and not in nylon. so basically i need those acnes hahalooks awesome. would look good with sneakers instead of boots imo
I'm thinking of switching it to heavy moleskin coated with dwr and going with cotton webbing. A little more in tune with the natural fabrics I use for the shirts/sweaters. Same design though!
HL Moleskin is so good. amazing that you found it with the fur!
acne. i like nylon
Shout out to the shout out! Beautiful piece
ah its ok, nothing im really proud of. trying to get the angle of the strap to be comfy on the body.
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