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I want to pick fuuma's brain. And sip-san
Grizzly is right about the yang li shoes and light denim but wrong about mikey fit Maybe I just don't like grey denim but the contrast with the sheen of the boot isn't the best. A diff texture on the boot (like kj's pony hair rafs ) work well Mikey just dgaf dudes!!
peir wu edition?
mikey i really like that. colours and fabrics look great helmut lang coat is dope!! that shawl is amaze
These ones are much harder. I can't pick up on any telltale details or signature cuts
Yeah that's the one! Thanks
jetdawg, whats your fave stationary shop again? the one with tin pencil cases
did i get them all? second was tough...just a guess
i like this game
1st is margiela 3rd is cloak lost on second...ndg?
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