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Size 38 women's yeah. Oh man I need more of these in diff fabrics. So good
kgggggggggggggggg awesome shirt
sev its from 2nd collection i believe. earlier stuff in any case. dunno to many stockists besides barneys. i think i bought this from blackbird
perhaps these will fit the bill, nevergreen?
[[SPOILER]] siki impeir wudvnkva
the shah will have your head for wearing denim!!!!!!!
http://swipelife.com/2009/07/28/dries-van-noten-khaki-cropped-valence-jacket/# nice inner tab
doppelganger status what season is that dries from?
such a good collection
yeah, im not sure if its a good or bad thing but upon first glance i thought it was a jil coat styled by TBS.i do like it though!
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