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I know he is good friends with Conan
Shoes too shiny for the casual look of the denim. White Sneakers would bring it together methinks. Maybe ago much contrast from ma1 to shirt? But that's nit picky
Willy cheesesteak is cool. That is all Oh and waffogato sounds good
Alabama bros looking good It's nice to see the mmms paired with looser trousers
Trove pants are great. I should learn more about trove
Rais we need details Sneakers look really cool
My Persian friend is in Hollywood visiting her cousin and she posted a video on Instagram of her in the passenger seat of a 458. Apparently he has an m3 too ...jetdawg is that you?
thanks p! yeah, id be wearing for walking n just casual things. not working out in them
how do you like the green mid sole?i was thinking of getting the lunar qs 306 (just do it sneakers) but was wondering if i should wait for a black n white version (if its coming out?)...although the green mid sole doesnt look bad there and not that bad irl
Shame! Even the green ones look great when worn in. ..food for thought
New Posts  All Forums: