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Will this be the year we see the shah in some denim?
Foliage wall plus bench is beautiful. Tira always so good!
Other shop is good stuff! The guys were nice and knowledgable. I picked up a dean Edmonds incense holder. Rooks good kg! Which Borsalino model is that? I want to pick up a similar one To mine in felt but I've got no clue what model mine was.
Green blue combo is good. Tried on some eg recently
Like that cyc. Hair is good too!
Thanks dudes. Will have to put more time Into this!
So I'm in a small town in Italy and came across a fabric store with suiting wools etc. I haven't researched pricing at all but a zegna wool (I didn't go in, just window shopping so I know nothing more than it was from the zegna mill) was 40 euro per meter. Is that about right? Thanks gaiz
Been out of wifi zone but I'm glad I came back to that
Can't see much but the wall is 1/8 roman brickwork Borsalino Velvasheen slubby tee Damir Snowpant Nike
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