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lolFinally getting a COS store in Toronto
Re high socks; don't pull them up all the way. A little wrinkle ain't hurt nobody
Did you cuff or do the pants have a turn up? Looks great. Insta liked too
Artisanal How were the beans roasted? What was the ph level?
I saw this on Instagram before seeing here. Thought the same! Well done tog
I agree. Wore a light blue shirt yesterday with the hat and the tones went really well together. Not the same effect with a white shirt
[[SPOILER]] meeting up with an exchange student from UMEA@kindofyoung teach me the basics!borsalinodriessnowmanraf
Sara barner may be able to do MTOBut for the most part, I don't imagine it'll be too costly for a MTO if you use the same pattern and are just adjusting the size.Re frank clegg, really like his double and triple gusset briefcases
Thought those were their trouser denims
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