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Ghost, that is really good man! Is that the RP hat from this season ?
Hai gaiz
Maybe a pair of black socks there koy? The break might be throwing ppl off ? I'm a fan though
Interesting article, thanks!
I'm no film buff but I've been assured that this little video store is a great place to get your movie on!
It's a coppens wrist wrap You can kind of see it here http://models.com/mdx/tim-coppens-fw-2012/
So good ivwri. I will join that gang one day
Visable tats are like wearing avante grade or goth ninja to the office place. Is it not the same sort of discrimination? yet we all (those of you in a formal workplace) abide by it.
I've now 'seen' every fassbinder film
Shah, that's such a great dries piece. Dries womenclothinggang
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