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That I dunno. I know over the next few years there will be three stores in TO and two in BC from what I recall.
Muji is coming to Toronto! Papa snow had a meeting regarding logistics, they're supposed to open in the fall!! Fashion related, the North American president of muji wore a Canadian tuxedo and chucks to the business meeting.
Are the pants on the right the balloon pant? Great displays!
Notwithit, Maybe she could join some type of online ceramacist community. I've met a bunch of ppl thanks to StyleForum
Like those silent pants shoe! Any details? Looking good shoreman.
Deets on cat? Mok Dries and marni done well!
I will not fail you again
TONAL Edit: This never turns out looking like c4 or sipangs Anyways, everyone looking good!
Awesome mok! Is that poplin or ripstop version?
Cool nook/furniture artishardishahsiishahardhahsidrd
New Posts  All Forums: