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Looks good there. I like that it's the standout piece and everything else is subdued. Slimmer boots would be better, as you said.
That miu miu is so perfect.
Kris van assche
Here we go!
sounds like a success to me!
prada holster with all the goodies; thick nylon webbing strap and velcro!
havent been following but was the uniqlo+lemaire collab a success? [[SPOILER]] snowman Shirtle neck/auxiliary neck shirtprada holstersnowman cropped trouserkva boots
That's an older season, looks like a good shot I've had a dries wallet for 5ish years now and it has held up quite well.
I'll pm you New Style Added. Shirtle Neck shirt
Liking that Brick orange with your usual palette
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