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Stitchy is no stranger to the realm of baller boots
Yeah, itll be interesting to see what he does with denim as the main material. A lot of darting I suspect
Was it green? I love the rich green colour of this thing. Buttons are rusted and fall off sometimes. I think there's some tiny rust holes too. I found a Chinese coin (maybe japanese?--sorry don't know) with a ribbon in the pocket.
Lord elron (elvish)
Nope they're all original
That niche one you guys carry reminded me of this one.I feel like mikey
[[SPOILER]] Vintage military jacket that I picked up from a cool Japanese dude in London. He then sell to this guy who dyes everything in oxblood and sells for $$$ according to peir and the shah.Velvasheen tJcrew garment dye denimMargielaSup mikey and spacepope
Yeah, its got a nice stretch and I like the weight of the elbow length rib cuffOr get in touch with peir, they're super helpful!!http://www.peirwu.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Peir-Wu-SS2014_Page_07.jpgLol kg, That would be fun!Did I miss any talk about aitor throup going to gstar raw?Or is it not worth mentioning
Thanks toasty!
Next level poncho!
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