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thought this was a shah post awesome c4!
Can be an album cover!Virgils and palette are greatWe should have a pose like mok challenge thread
Beautiful bicycle Kaplan. Awesome stuff Liszt
I was thinking of making myself an apron out of techno material and nylon/grosgrain ribbon for the strings for the days I'm in the studio. Will let you know when and how it comes out.
You know I love you stitchy it I didn't want to disrupt the alliteration(?) of kong kg kirk
Awesome kong, kg and Kirk
@melonadejello, what season are those Geller sweatpants from? Spacestynthese meetup will be awesome. Also, I like your religious(?) shawl stitchy
Agree with lmao. The yang li boots are made by cheaney and sons which are good quality but prob a tier below trickers.
I know he is good friends with Conan
Shoes too shiny for the casual look of the denim. White Sneakers would bring it together methinks. Maybe ago much contrast from ma1 to shirt? But that's nit picky
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