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Koy I saw this seasons leather vest and I think it's an easy piece to wear. Would work with faded denim to trousers IMO. But yeah, no pockets!! This seasons vest had some bondage straps at least
Came out looking good stitchy
Bandana must be post imperial. You lose.
happy 4th of july yall amuricans.wearing my artishard t to celebrate [[SPOILER]] yang liartishardnike
Klaxon howl is good quality stuff. It's all produced in Toronto and the guy has a lot of vintage clothes in his archive. Cool place to visit too. Armholes are cut high so if that bothers you then I'd pass. But if not, you'll be happy with it!
There's a lot of great individual pieces that damir put out this season. Not many full looks. Maybe it's just a styling problem? Enjoyed jjve, lemaire and y3. Agree with Ivwri, I appreciate jan jans design approach
Will this be the year we see the shah in some denim?
Foliage wall plus bench is beautiful. Tira always so good!
Other shop is good stuff! The guys were nice and knowledgable. I picked up a dean Edmonds incense holder. Rooks good kg! Which Borsalino model is that? I want to pick up a similar one To mine in felt but I've got no clue what model mine was.
Green blue combo is good. Tried on some eg recently
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