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I dont usually wear printed tees but I want the I can only invade tee! Barbara Kruger ish. Is it by an artist? Or yourself, art?
Dries is god Yolo, you can look for suits with tiny details that show it's not a cm type suit. Ex, cdg/yohji and their quirkiness. Yes, it's a little peacocky but it may set it it apart and make you feel more comforyable. The cut if the suit will also help distinguish you from 'old man status'.
Where are you finding these HL shirts ?! Next level hidden placket!
Size 38 women's yeah. Oh man I need more of these in diff fabrics. So good
kgggggggggggggggg awesome shirt
sev its from 2nd collection i believe. earlier stuff in any case. dunno to many stockists besides barneys. i think i bought this from blackbird
perhaps these will fit the bill, nevergreen?
[[SPOILER]] siki impeir wudvnkva
the shah will have your head for wearing denim!!!!!!!
http://swipelife.com/2009/07/28/dries-van-noten-khaki-cropped-valence-jacket/# nice inner tab
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