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Artisanal How were the beans roasted? What was the ph level?
I saw this on Instagram before seeing here. Thought the same! Well done tog
I agree. Wore a light blue shirt yesterday with the hat and the tones went really well together. Not the same effect with a white shirt
[[SPOILER]] meeting up with an exchange student from UMEA@kindofyoung teach me the basics!borsalinodriessnowmanraf
Sara barner may be able to do MTOBut for the most part, I don't imagine it'll be too costly for a MTO if you use the same pattern and are just adjusting the size.Re frank clegg, really like his double and triple gusset briefcases
Thought those were their trouser denims
Yeah these things are finicky. Different machines use different files, I should've clarified.I'd need a .vp3 file.
Can anyone convert an ai or eps file to a file suitable for embroidery? Or know where to get it done?
Oucho, how are those e. Tautz denimss? Do they fit like trousers?
Nope, same price for the crepe, white cotton poplin and navy cotton serge It gets more expensive if you were to order a snowsmock in a super 1xx suiting wool, for example.
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