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great stuff ivwri. Is the vest a suit vest with racer back or a jersey material? I can't wait til tomorrow to find out, I wanna know now Thanks for the compliments. The green with lavender pocket bags is a nice combo. I can always search for a larger size in something similar when I go back
Like the gold/green combo on round glasses. Uniqlo linens look nice too!
Thanks bud! For protection in bmore, Stitchy totes a bow and arrow
Looking good noob. Nice job styling the blazer.
Glad you got the rick over the HL !
Whoops. Went over my head there
Fassbender Although I did not like the counsellor
Yes, totally agree. Looks like there's some nice drape to it.
Thanks for the heads up bud. Really appreciate that!
Lol I love the picture you painted there fok. Okay I admit I had a pair of g star cargo pants with a drawstring hem. They were pretty comfy but they were dark brown. I should've just dyed them black.
New Posts  All Forums: