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Ordered mineI can only invade
I'd like this pic on an artishard tee. Make it happen Regis, what's the second Cartier piece?
Do it Regis
Yup, saw them in person last summer and didn't pick them up because I have a pair of roshes. but the black on black is something I'd wear a lot.Also, the whole y3 season is pretty cool.Fw 14-15 will be your chance!!
lol, for 35 bucks it might be fun. i regret selling the greys i had
my only issue is comfort when it comes to grown man shoes. im debating, should i get ann d sneakers in black because they have a very similar silhouette, or should i just suck it up and get derbies?!?
He's been rocking the rick for a few weeks Fact: dles and Rick Ross have matching fur jackets. And watches.
Can't decide if that ripple sole scares me like a centipede or if I really like them.
Can't say for sure but they look like buttero. Nice stuff P
I dont usually wear printed tees but I want the I can only invade tee! Barbara Kruger ish. Is it by an artist? Or yourself, art?
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