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I vote yes. In most cases they'll look better what're you getting?/have
No I was at a bakery when I met him. He's around most of the time so I guess I could ask him about smuggling in a pair for you stitchy
Depending on how many posts per page, we went 15 pages without a beef Nice boots stitchy, talked to a guy that works for PnP yesterday and he had some really cool ma+ boots too. The fold over model (one piece)
Sip-San laying down the law!! Dles, your Ann boots are way better I feel like white boots work better with a white sole
Like those buttons
illesteva for thicker round frames or vintage for thin metal ones.Maybe even moscot?
Spope, awesome cloak pants man! Yeah, shootspeed doesn't post enough fits
Really neat. Like the oversized sleeves in contrast to the body
Would be better in a wool gab
Which one did you get? I really like the two rebuild pieces they've got in stock. And that Chinese button jacket..
New Posts  All Forums: