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these fit the bill! thanks mikey
More like 'where to buy?' Looking for a black canvas tote in the style below. Parrot canvas in the US doesn't really have something that fits the bill. I'd like it to have handles instead of long straps for the shoulder.
They don't exist yet but occultavexillum is the poster child for bigger guys wearing the snowman brand right now
Occulta, I really like the quarter angle shot; the longer shirt with cropped pants makes a nice silhouette
Omg that HL
Thanks guys! Yeah white shirt would've been a better choice there.
the peir blazer is honestly the best thing i own
Peir Wu Snowman Nike
whoa haven carrying AR?!? nicethe thumbs up i gave you was for the emptiness you'd feel :P
CDG pants like that can be found second hand. do you want new? ill let you know if i come across them in my searches
New Posts  All Forums: