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I think that eg robe needs some relaxed wool trousers. Like what Hendrix has or something along those lines. Looks good in my head
Nah, just post link
Was the pinroll developed by bicycle commuters? (Serious question)
Looks like magician?
So cute. Congrats! Digging that thrifted fit up there.
Liking the sheen on the chinos, especially with the flat colour of the chucks.
Yeah I agree with mok, rob. A bulkier tee/something of more substantial material in a boxier cut and less form hugging would compliment that. What would phoebe do?
Extending this to last 48 C4, stitch and AG all looking good in their woollens.Fuuma and nn, so much visual interest
I read these two reviews from spacepope's website:A++ arms dealer. Would buy from again. Recommend. Thanks.I bought a vintage modified ak-47 from 2015 and let me tell you, these things are great. Spacepope has a bunch on old dead stock that is worth exploring. Thanks. He also included some space weed in the transaction behind the dumpster.
Omg that quilted blazer. You and Greg should post together Yeah there's a tab closure on my jacket c4 Thanks stitchy. You're awesome
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