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Pigeon toe-slouch pose
That tee just looks like it was pulled down and isn't sitting naturally. Listen to sipand and kg Looking cozy ivwri
Coming soon by Yohji. blue turtleneck. wool. 15'' shoulder to shoulder 21.5'' in length (from bottom of turtleneck) tonello. grey turtleneck. wool. 17'' shoulder top shoulder, but more of a dropped shoulder so it still fits similar to the coming soon. 22'' in length. both fit very similar and best suited for a 44-46/ xs-s. worn but in very good condition. 50 dollars each or 80 for both. free shipping thanks
Super cool!
Need to get old quick
shah, im interested to see how the suspenders fasten to the pantaloons
i dont like miserable/sad bene
Match your wall challenge?
why do i still browse lvr
Beautiful parquet.
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