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SOLD!For sale are a pair of Allen Edmonds Bradley burgundy shell cordovan 10 wide 3e/eee Check out the pictures! They are gently used and first quality.
PM sent for the BBs
Price drop!!! For sale is a pair of barely worn/almost as good as new" Allen Edmonds Macneil in black shell cordovan leather.The size is 9 3E/EEE. These are first quality and free of any defects, except for the little wear on the soles. I purchased these summer this year. As you know, these are $525. My asking price is $475> $399>Last price drop $325!!! shipped CONUS via USPS Priority with insurance. Please PM me if interested. International buyers pay actual shipping. As...
For sale is a pair of used but "freshly Recrafted" Allen Edmonds Concord wingtips. These have a unique Titan rubber sole that is similar to the famous Dianite sole used in English made shoes. I got the rubber sole installed to copy their latest "Quinton" model. I like the "Quinton" model but I don't like balmorals. I more like a blucher guy for the much fuller look of the shoes. The work done on the shoes is beyond awesome. Thought he soles are made of heavy duty...
For Sale is a pair of Alden Alpine Grain Model 930. Size 8.5E. They look like the All Weather Walkers but without the plantation crepe sole. The soles are still very good and about 8.5 out of 10. There some spots on the leather. From reading some of the threads, these are probably due to polish build-up. Forumites suggested to use lighter fluid to clean it up. I'm not gonna mess that stuff. I'm not a fan of brown shoes but I bought these with the intention of dying them...
What is the brand name?
Are these still available? Pls pm.
PM sent.
What is so special about the onyx color?
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