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For Sale is a pair of Alden Alpine Grain Model 930. Size 8.5E. They look like the All Weather Walkers but without the plantation crepe sole. The soles are still very good and about 8.5 out of 10. There some spots on the leather. From reading some of the threads, these are probably due to polish build-up. Forumites suggested to use lighter fluid to clean it up. I'm not gonna mess that stuff. I'm not a fan of brown shoes but I bought these with the intention of dying them...
What is the brand name?
Are these still available? Pls pm.
PM sent.
What is so special about the onyx color?
When will anyone have my size?????
Can you please post measurements? or pm me. Thanks! very interested. I wear a 9E on the AE Leeds.
I went to their outlet in Baltimore. The price is almost like their retail stores. The quality is still the same, crappy. The Harris Tweed I found was $199 and they have the same one for $99 in the website. Jos Bank is for people who do not know what a real suit is. Until today, I wonder who buys their stuff. It's expensive garbage. Their sales people don't know what they are selling either. It will only be good if you buy stuff from their store that is not made by...
NOT my size!! I would have taken those from you in a heartbeat!
Why do nice shoes with good prices are never my size?!!! VERY NICE!!!!
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