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out on ebay Please Delete this thread!
Auctioned on Ebay.
Quote: Originally Posted by Makoto Chan I'll bump this for the sake of a basic question - what does "commando sole" mean? If it's because they look like hiking boots on the bottom, couldn't anyone ask for their shoes to be resoled that way? I ask because you wrote it's "not available anywhere." The shoes look great and it's a really good price. (Too bad they're a little too big for me.) Commando sole is exactly those hiking boot looking...
Nice. But when will anyone have my size?
sold! Grazie!
You probably do need to go a size up and then get a little bit off the sleeves.
Pm Sent
PRICE DROP For Sale: Sanders & Sanders Southwark from the Ambassador line Longwing Black Bluchers in Soft Calf. The The size is 8.5 UK - equivalent to 9 Wide. Made in England and I purchased them straight from Sanders UK for 145 pounds. Here is the link to their website: http://www.sanders-uk.com/products/Southwark-92.php These were hardly worn. The craftsmanship is as solid as Alden and Trickers. The leather soles are barely broken in. The gold emblem on the soles were...
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