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Pm sent
Pm sent regarding tie.
Up for sale: Last Drop B4 ebay on the AE Randolph $75 1. Pre-loved pair of Allen Edmonds Randolph Penny Loafer in burgundy/maroon custom calf size 8.5 eee. I purchased these on the bay but hardly worn them. Look at the heels! Coming from a funk, pet, & smoke- free household. One of the shoes has a "W" stamped on it. Asking price is $105>>$90>$75 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. Any questions, just PM me. Please know your size. returns not accepted
Just got these today. Unfortunately they don't fit me. They are brand new with tags and box. They are Stussy X Mark Mcnairy collab shoes and are sold out on the S/double site. Made in England by Sanders and Sanders. Here is a link to the site: http://www.s-double.com/shop/longwing-brogue my loss your gain. i am willing to trade. i am a 9 wide or 8.5 on a barrie last fell free to pm me for any questions. $235>$199!!
Up for sale is a truly rare pair of Alden PTBs model 93980 in the famous color 8 Genuine shell cordovan leather. They are size 8.5e on Barrie last (which runs larger than usual). Measurements are approximately 12" x 4.4" from the outside of shoe. These are available only at the Herbert Moller store in Europe. No store in the US carries these. What makes them super rare is the Thompson/Thomas sole which are usually used on their Indy boots. They are in double waterlock...
Payment sent.
Are you sure these are on the Aberdeen? Someone at Brooks told me they use the Hampton on captoes.
Dexter Long Wingtip in burgundy size 9E. Made in USA. They are barely used and in good. Funk Free from a non-smoking home. They are comparable to Alden longwings and vintage Florsheim Imperials. NO LONGER AVAILABLE [/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
Quote: Originally Posted by werdswerf Can anyone compare the sizing on the MacNeils to the Park Aves? I've tried on a pair of Park Aves at Nordstrom and know I'm a 9.5D in that shoe, but I'd really like a nice longwing ... just wondering how to size them. They are in totally different lasts. 5 Last (Park ave.) is slightly longer and narrower than the 7 (Macneil). I take half size a down on the 5 and get them lightly wider. It's best to try...
AEs are sold Please delete
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