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For your consideration is a used but surely not abused pair of Allen Edmonds "Strand" medallion captoes in black Horween Shell Cordovan Leather size 8.5 eee (extra wide). The pictures will tell you the condition. Check out the soles including the heel and toes! The "JR and Horween Shell Cordovan" stamp is still very much visible. The shoes are first quality and does not have "seconds" stamp on the soles though (for me honestly) there is a flaw on the toe on the right...
For sale is used pair of Alden Shell cordovan wingtips. Some minor but insignificant scratches from normal wear. Plenty of life left on the soles. These are fresh from a shoeshine and new Alden laces. Original box and dust bags included in the sale. $375 is CoNUS only. Please know your Alden size bec. I do not accept returns. Pictures are not altered in any way. The patina is awesome on these. Nothing wrong with them, I just don't have much occasions here at the OC to wear...
These are brand new 9ee. Only tried on but never worn outside. The sale includes orig. box and shoe bags. These are way better than the park avenue in quality and overall shape. Very sexy shape. I know because I have park avenues too. I wear AE 8.5ee/eee on the 5 last. The price includes shipping CONUS. Please know your Alden size because I don't accept returns. These retail for $550+ right now.
For sale is a barely worn pair of Allen Edmonds McGraw dress penny loafers size 9eee/wide. Check out the soles! These are made on the 4 last. They are first quality and not seconds so these can be sent for AEs recrafting in the future. There is nothing wrong with them except for obvious creases which is normal bec. I wore them a few times. I have several pairs of shoes (most especially AE) and these are my least worn. They are my only pair of AE loafers and I like lace-ups...
These shoes needs no introduction in this forum. Just PM me for any questions. The pictures will tell you the condition of these shoes. Barely worn. I do not accept returns so please know your size.
PRice DRop $330 >> $295!! SOLD!!! These shoes needs no introduction in this forum. Just PM me for any questions. The pictures will tell you the condition of these shoes. Barely worn. Please know your Alden size. I do not accept returns.
The shell cordovan 10 d MacNeil asking $340 CONUS The MacNeil black pebble grain for BB asking $130 CONUS PM me for pics. Here's a link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Macneil-Horween-Brown-Burgundy-Shell-Cordovan-Long-Wingtips-10-/271268277067?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3f28d96b4b http://www.ebay.com/itm/Allen-Edmonds-Brooks-Brothers-Macneil-Pebble-Grain-Leather-Wingtips-9-5-/271268277566?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3f28d96d3e
These need no intro in this forum. See pics for reference. Asking price is $425 shipped CONUS. Please know your size. Just as I bought these and I cannot return them for sizing, I too don't accept returns. Labels are crossed out to prevent store returns. PM for any questions
For bids is a pair of Limited Edition Alden Indy boots on brown Horween Chromexcel leather. This is special make for J.Crew. The difference is the heel and the natural color welt from the original. They are size 9D on a trubalance which runs half a size larger than usual size. I purchased these last January and literally wore them only 3 times. I love these shoes but I wear a suit and tie everyday almost 7 days a week so it's a waste just keeping them in my closet. I...
For sale is a 24mm genuine Horween shell cordovan watch strap/band in color burgundy. Some call this color 8. I used this on my Panerai using my OEM buckle. The retail price was $250. There is nothing wrong with it. Just passing it along to someone who will put it into good use. I am willing to trade for a lighter colored shell cordovan. Free shipping for Continental US buyers. Contact me for questions. I do not accept returns.
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