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I wished I never saw the RDA flyer for I need another pair of shoes like I need another appendix.
Got it. Thanks.
From the pictures I saw via Googling, Mcgregor appears to be short wing. No?
Received the burgundy Dundee from the Shoebank today. Couldn't tell what's wrong with them.
Does anyone here know what the actual stores with code #100 and #999 are? Saw them on the actual shipping invoice and am wondering... TIA.
Nice shoes and polishing.I am always marveled by how well others manage to polish their brogues, especially the toe cap while all I get is waxy built-up and matted look.
Most of my AEs are 10D, so that + based on the countless reading I have had here and elsewhere, I am staying with 10D.
Regrettably, I was informed yesterday that their distribution center could not locate the burgundy Dundee that I ordered. In return for the mishap, AE is offering me a decent discount for a First in any color and rush it in 2 weeks. I think I will go with the dark brown that I original wanted.
You are right. I stand corrected.
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