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I have a pair of them. There's nothing remotely 'burgundy; about them.
My HS math taught me that AAAA/AA = AA.
Here's more to read up on GlenKaren shoe care products: http://www.styleforum.net/t/336296/all-natural-non-toxic-shoe-polish/0_50 Looks like the founder is a SF member.
Hear, hear!I put mine next to the prime roast after the broil cycle. If I get a pair of 8" boots, I will have to get a bigger oven or use a pizza oven.
Go with 7.5.
This threak is like a car crash, I can't look away.
Thanks. I stand corrected.
I don't think anyone has ever tried to pass them on as anything more than what they are - above mall brand but certainly not top of the line, and priced accordingly. IIRC, they are made by AE and most SF regulars know where AE ranks in shoe hierarchy. ^^^ Misinformation corrected
To be honest, I see very little difference before and after.
Poor cow died in vain.
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