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Shoebank does not have my size and I don't do black anymore.Paying for shell is my last resort. The 8 weeks wait time for a pair of brown shell Dundee is a bit of a deterrent.I suppose I can pay full pop for a pair of Burgundy Dundee from Club Monaco, but I am on the fence with the color 8.Thanks. I recall someone mentioned that come mid Sep, AE would offers webgem in chukka. I assume it would be Malvern or Dundee in calf.
Online version of the catalog: http://content.allenedmonds.com/catalogs/2014_AE_Fall_Catalog.pdfStill no Dundee in calf
Rui is pretty wide fitting.My own experience: I am between a 10D and 10E in US size. I went with Rui 9D UK when I bought my shell LWB from Meermin. They still feel a bit loose with dress socks and I probably could have gone down to 8.5.
That's good to know about the new chukka coming out soon.Club Monaco has the Dundee in black calf: http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=41825776Hope they have them in brown so that they are more affordable than the shell version.
Don't have experience with Rain last.I wear 9.5D Barrie and the Hiro 9 fits me snug but not tight with my slightly wide feet.Will try to take some tomorrow during daylight.
Received the order a week after placing the order... Snuff suede chukka in Hiro last. (Click to enlarge)
Based on your description and the pictures, I think the 48 is the better choice.
Just placed an order for a pair of the SNUFF RAPELLO SUEDE chukka. My first transaction went smoothly. Crossing my fingers that it would go just as well.
I contacted AE yesterday about Dundee in brown. They told me that lead time is 8-12 weeks.
The Hudson looks similar to Havana in measurements when I compared them of the same size, but with wider lapel and pleaded (a la Neapolitan?) shoulders.
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