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Not sure if this has been asked before... With respect to the current Webgem offering of MacNeil 5, what is the difference between: 9006 Burgundy Leather with Leather Sole and 9016 Burgundy Leather with Leather Sole? Also, are they double or single sole? TIA.
^^^^ This looks fantastic.
I think both fit you well based on the pics.Which one feels more comfortable when you move around?
I just emailed them for availability of brown Dundee in my size. Let's see what they come back with...
Yeah, for $1000, Samuelsohn would get into the mix for me.Counterfeiters are going after SS now?
You may have ordered them through the clearance section and this is the last one in your size, however, have you tried calling the AE Shoe bank? They might have this shoes (albeit in 'second' condition) in your size.I bought the exact same shoes from Shoe bank a year or so ago.
If that's the case, I suppose the verbiage 'additional' is misleading.
Sorry, I should have mentioned that the 'preferred customer' card is for March 24-31.
In addition to the 30% off March 20 one-day sales card in the mail, I also received the Preferred Customer sales card; It says 'Enjoy An Additional 20% Off.'An 'additional' to what? Who qualify as 'Preferred Customers?'My thinking is that Preferred Customers refers to corporate members and the additional 20% off applies to the standard corporate customer discount of 15% for a total of 35% off.
Of all of them, I like the Napoli 38S.Perhaps you can let out the seat and waist of the trousers to ease the snugness provided that they have enough material.Have you tried on the Lazio and La Spalla?
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