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Received my $99 Amok today: The only blemish I could see is a 1/2 inch blue pen mark on the inner part of the shoe where the upper meets the sole. Too bad they no longer have them in snuff suede.
I am not sure about this...
I am salivating over some of the shoes on the site. Are there any current promo code?
I just noticed that CM has further marked down their Rancourt shoes. I was looking at their chukkas; last week they were $279 and currently they are $229. Too bad it does not stacked with my student discount. I am in the market for a pair of snuff suede chukka. Which one is a better...
I just got a pair of Davis for $9 last week.Unfortunately, the waist is still higher than I prefer.
Zuniga probably had slipped out of town ASAP after breaking the back of Brasil's national treasure/
Black and white? Is that a social political kind of party?
I like the fact that it is wool rather than linen.In fact, I just ordered one for myself.
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