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Zuniga probably had slipped out of town ASAP after breaking the back of Brasil's national treasure/
Black and white? Is that a social political kind of party?
I like the fact that it is wool rather than linen.In fact, I just ordered one for myself.
Saw that they have Dundee Brown in my size on their website. Called Shoe Bank and was told that it's gone. Mixed feeling - sad that they don't have it anymore; glad that I didn't spend $399.
Thanks. I ended up playing it safe and pairing them with tan colored wingtips. I suppose I can leave the experimentation at home rather than on the road.
Necro bump.... Going on an informal business outing to the South for 3 days. Instead of wearing my usual navy blazer, I have decided to wear a khaki linen SC instead. I really only have to wear the SC twice. Here're my pairings: Combo 1) Light blue shirt + white pants Combo 2) White shirt + very light blue faded 513 (I know, I know. But it is very informal ) I am thinking wearing them with my old Boss black loafers or light grey AE Banchory. What are your thoughts?
^^^^ I saw this one in the store: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/york-brown-check/P3840.html?start=2&cgid=Suits&prefn1=collection&prefv1=Spring%2FSummer and was thinking about wearing them separately. After trying the jacket on, just couldn't get over the persistent wrinkling. The check is a lot more subtle than the online pics depict.
PSA for the Toronto brethren: Sherway Gardens just open their JCrew store.
You can wear the grey Banchory in situations where you would otherwise wear a pair of white canvas sneakers.
http://www.therightlace.com/Someone mentioned that you can email Wolverine and they will send you a pair for free. I tried but they directed me to the above website.
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