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I like the charcoal better. In fact, I am eyeing a pair myself.
The current sales on limited items are good till next Tue. I suspect after next Tue, there will be another more substantial sales.
Does anyone know what RL Black Friday sales would be like? I missed the 40+15% last month. I am in the market for a Winter parka and have tried on the RLX Ranger. Hoping to kop one in time for Polar Vortex 2.0. TIA.
Not sure if this has been posted before... Saw on Amazon that they are selling SD with leather sole for $447: http://www.amazon.com/Whites-Boots-Americana-Semi-Dress-Brown/dp/B00K7644T0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1416187709&sr=8-1&keywords=white%27s+semi+dress There's also a 20% off promo now with code FALSHOES, bringing the price to $367.
I don't know where you read about IR stretches a lot. Based on what you provided, I think the 10.5 would be a better fit. Just my 2 cents.
I have Meermin shoes in both Rui and Hiro lasts, as well as Alden shoes in Barrie last.My normal size is 10D in US sizing. I would say I am more in between 10DMy experience is that Rui is wider than Hiro. Even though both my Rui (shell LWB) and Hiro (suede chukka) are of the same UK size 9. I probably could have gone down to UK 8.5 for the Rui. Nevertheless, after breaking in, the UK 9 Rui fits quite nicely.My Barrie is 9.5D and they fit nicely.YMMV.
I wonder what the natural brown looks like.
I have a pair of Brogue Ranger, a pair of Blacksmith, a pair of Roughneck, 3 pairs of Beckman.I put on Vibram half sole on my Brogue Ranger. The rest are in the original sole.Blacksmith next to Beckman:
update: after sending in my shoes slightly less than a month ago, the replacement pair got fedex'd overnight to me here in canada. they also included 4 leather coasters and a shoe horn.overall, A+ customer service.
Received the Bourbon Dalton 2nd today from the RDA sales today. Couldn't see any noticeable defect (maybe I am just not that picky ) Replaced the thin lace with a spare pair of Red Wing boot laces. Not sure why it took so long for me to warm up to Daltons. Could have been the thin stock laces.
New Posts  All Forums: