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Some one please help or this kitten die:I have a pair of 9017 (cigar Beckman chukka) on its way to a store to try on, or I can get a pair of 9013 (Chestnut Beckman) instead.
Called Shoe Bank today and they don't have Brown or Burgundy Dundee in my size.
I am in the market for a pair of medium to dark brown chukka that I can wear casually, and as dressy as wearing them with a sport coat and jeans/khaki to the office in a business casual office. So far, I have looked at: RL Saunders, Alden Chukka, and AE Dundee, just stumbled across the RW 9017. What is everyone's thought on the 9017 chukka? There was a threak on this but it is a bit dated and the information is not definitive:...
Thank you for the insights. The different lasts just complicate things a little bit more.I will look into the MTO program. Patience is not one of my virtues.
Does AE ever make their Dundee Chukka available in calf? I am in the market for a pair of brown chukka and like the overall appearance but don't want to spend $650+ for shell. Even the RL Saunders @ $520 is bit of a stretch. TIA.
Hear hear...On the other hand...I have raw denim from several makers, none of them bled onto my shoes or boots. Even if they do, it is no big deal; they are boots, they are meant to be worn in any condition.
PSA for Toronto SF'rs: Hudson Bay at Yorkdale has 2 pairs of Merlot Park Avenue in size 10D and 11D on sales for $150 each.
those BH seems to have a lower toe profile compared to others i have seen. is that the standard toe box?
Those well-aged Chestnut Beckman really stands out...
Who makes these Made-in-USA Filson boots? Wolverine? http://www.filson.com/mens/footwear/-1011/
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