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Just to mess things up...This is what I have:Beckman Round Toe - both 9.5Brogue Ranger - 9Beckman Chukka - 10Round Toe 2947 - 9.5 but could have gone down to 9
Would like to get some intel about the store as well. Perhaps a SF Toronto flash mob meet-up.
Lace them tighter? Longer inseam?
A pair of desert boots covers a lot of ground. Just make sure the color is not too close to your chinos.
Levi's makes their 514 in different fabric and different colors - some fabrics are better than the others. Have you checked out all of them? For starter: http://www.amazon.com/Levis-Mens-Straight-Covered-35Wx30L/dp/B00GA7ULTC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1392858418&sr=8-1&keywords=levi%27s+514
I have not worn through any pair yet. With a total of 5 pairs of RW + 1 pair of W1K in the rota, plus the fact that I normally only wear boots in the Winter, they probably will last me forever.
Inspired by Cathpah's Beckman 9013 Chestnut... Picked them up from Amazon, taking advantage of their recent 20% off promo: 4th pair of RW this Winter. Spring needs to come soon.
Not trolling..Just trying to give input to someone looking for some minimalist suggestions. Not everyone has to or want to dress to SF-approved standards.
If I am a minimalist, this is what I would have: 1 black suit 2 white shirts 1 pair of black oxford 1 black belt 1 black or navy blue tie
After the last few posts re the length of the boots being different, I took a look of my 1.5 year old and noticed that the right boot is ~1/4" shorter than the left one as well. Not enough to bother me, but it just seems like it is quite common
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