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You can also get them free from RW directly if you live in the US or Canada:http://www.redwingheritage.com/lacesI put on W1K laces from the following place on my Brogue Ranger. I prefer them over the RW ones because they are wider:http://www.therightlace.com/
Correct me if I am wrong... Combination of single leather sole and CXL leather renders the W1K boot susceptible to creasing/rolling more than other boots.
Just to add to the mystery... My W1K creases differently depending on the thickness of the socks I wear them with.
Check out this thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/171352/what-constitutes-heel-slippage/0_50
Nice 'shoe-fies'
Mario, I gives my boots the same treatment.
In the wild... Personally, I think boots work best with tapered legs be it jeans or casual pants.
I hesitated about getting them at first because of all the break-in horror stories I read. But so far today, they are quite comfortable with medium weight wool socks. In comparison, breaking in my Beckman was a painful experience (even though the Beckman fits like a glove.)In my opinion, the flat laces definitely make the boots look so much better. The laces I have are the same ones they use on W1K boots. They are wider than the flat laces from Red Wing and certainly look...
Not sure if this has been posted before.... While researching on White's boots, I came across this site where they have several builts on display: http://www.eastwestapparel.co.uk/Whites-Boots Could be useful for those of us still contemplating the options....
I have heard some people have had success using their tongue to apply the oil.
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