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Who makes these Made-in-USA Filson boots? Wolverine? http://www.filson.com/mens/footwear/-1011/
I raise you with:
Thank you....The color 8 Alden is sublime but a bit North of what I would want to spend for a pair of footwear right now. But never say never. Thanks...I am also hoping the Shoe Bank has my size in the upcoming Feb sales.
I am looking for a pair of non-suede 'dress-y' chukka. Currently looking at these Alden and RL Saunders and wait for either one of them to have a sale.
No fucking kidding.I'd like people to either identify their education background, cite the source(s), or disclose their related work experience when they start throwing out pH level, molecular composition, isotope, viscocity, etc so that we can decide how much weight we give to the information being shared.
I live in Canada where Winter condition is rather unforgiving. I Sno-sealed all my boots to water proof them to make sure I can wear them in snow, slush, ice, freezing rain, and worse of all, salt covered streets and sidewalks. The Sno-seal-treatment certainly does its job and I have seen no degradation of the leather or the seam. And yes, like Mario, I baked my boots after applying the treatment (170F for 5-10 minutes to be precise.) They are boots, not family jewels. No...
I have a pair of them. There's nothing remotely 'burgundy; about them.
My HS math taught me that AAAA/AA = AA.
Here's more to read up on GlenKaren shoe care products: http://www.styleforum.net/t/336296/all-natural-non-toxic-shoe-polish/0_50 Looks like the founder is a SF member.
Hear, hear!I put mine next to the prime roast after the broil cycle. If I get a pair of 8" boots, I will have to get a bigger oven or use a pizza oven.
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