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They are both comfortable right out of the box but could take 1 or 2 wears to break them in.The moc toe is heavier than I expected due to the thick crepe sole. It also has better cushion insole compared to the round toe chukka. The moc toe is also more comfortable for my flat feet.The round toe has a high toe box. As a result of that, it has more of a round toe boots profile than what I come to expect from a 'chukka' or desert boots.Construction and material wise, they are...
^^^^ Not sure if this has been posted before...RW has their new Fall offering online: http://www.redwingheritage.com/USD/page/fall-2014 Two things of notes to me: 1) They now have the BB exclusive 4522 available, calling it the Blacksmith. Previously, they were simply referred to as Round Toe, I think 2) The new Beckman 6" now seems to have a taller heel as seen on model 9033 (Bourbon Yuma Leather) and 9034 (Bordeaux Spitfire Leather)
Here're the two pairs I got from the recent CM sales:
I got a pair of chukka through their current sales and I went with my regular size 10.Generally, I go with AE 10D and Alden Barrie 9.5D in general.
Thank you. Hope they have some nice patterns in term of Fall jacket in Havana.
Does anyone know typically when their Fall/Winter stuff starts to hit their store/website?
PSA: CM is discounting an additional 30% off their already-on-sales Rancourt footwear on their Canadian .ca site. The promo code works despite the disclaimer that it does not apply to footwear. ps: From what I could see, it does not work in the US .com site.
Received my $99 Amok today: The only blemish I could see is a 1/2 inch blue pen mark on the inner part of the shoe where the upper meets the sole. Too bad they no longer have them in snuff suede.
I am not sure about this...
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