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Does AE ever make their Dundee Chukka available in calf? I am in the market for a pair of brown chukka and like the overall appearance but don't want to spend $650+ for shell. Even the RL Saunders @ $520 is bit of a stretch. TIA.
Hear hear...On the other hand...I have raw denim from several makers, none of them bled onto my shoes or boots. Even if they do, it is no big deal; they are boots, they are meant to be worn in any condition.
PSA for Toronto SF'rs: Hudson Bay at Yorkdale has 2 pairs of Merlot Park Avenue in size 10D and 11D on sales for $150 each.
those BH seems to have a lower toe profile compared to others i have seen. is that the standard toe box?
Those well-aged Chestnut Beckman really stands out...
Who makes these Made-in-USA Filson boots? Wolverine? http://www.filson.com/mens/footwear/-1011/
I raise you with:
Thank you....The color 8 Alden is sublime but a bit North of what I would want to spend for a pair of footwear right now. But never say never. Thanks...I am also hoping the Shoe Bank has my size in the upcoming Feb sales.
I am looking for a pair of non-suede 'dress-y' chukka. Currently looking at these Alden and RL Saunders and wait for either one of them to have a sale.
No fucking kidding.I'd like people to either identify their education background, cite the source(s), or disclose their related work experience when they start throwing out pH level, molecular composition, isotope, viscocity, etc so that we can decide how much weight we give to the information being shared.
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