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I have a pair of Brogue Ranger, a pair of Blacksmith, a pair of Roughneck, 3 pairs of Beckman.I put on Vibram half sole on my Brogue Ranger. The rest are in the original sole.Blacksmith next to Beckman:
update: after sending in my shoes slightly less than a month ago, the replacement pair got fedex'd overnight to me here in canada. they also included 4 leather coasters and a shoe horn.overall, A+ customer service.
Received the Bourbon Dalton 2nd today from the RDA sales today. Couldn't see any noticeable defect (maybe I am just not that picky ) Replaced the thin lace with a spare pair of Red Wing boot laces. Not sure why it took so long for me to warm up to Daltons. Could have been the thin stock laces.
My own experience:Most shoes I go with 10D UD sizing. Marlow I go with 10D, Barrie 9.5D. No experience with Hampton.
Decided to pull the trigger on a pair of Bourbon Dalton on the last day of the RDA sales today. Sized up to 10.5D from my normal 10D after trying them in store (10D is too narrow and tight.) Additional good news is, I managed to get Shoebank to honor the original RDA sale price of $219. It is to be delivered tomorrow. Here's hoping that there aren't any noticeable blemishes on them.
The 30% + 15% sales are on for 'selected' items: http://www.ralphlauren.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=46280926&[LINK_NAME=MBNEXCLUSIVEACCESS]&ep_rid=M9RUFFP-GC65J-X8EWJL-I5ZB5O-71SH0-v1&ep_mid=1189458&csm=659995711&csc=1189458&csa=658608111&csu=1189474&utm_source=Email&utm_medium=RLE&utm_campaign=fall14
Thanks.So SB provides the leather and RW makes the boots, I gathered?One more question: are the Powells TTS?
Does anyone know the maker of those Powell chukkas? Wolverine, perhaps?
PSA: Just checked Shoebank website and it appears that they have a pair of Dundee 10E available for $325.
I was about to pull the trigger on Dalton but after reading some fit reviews on the interweb, I hesitated.I chalk it down as 'not meant to be' I also think I need to impose a moratorium on shoes given many of my shoes are still unworn or barely worn.
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