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Online version of the catalog: http://content.allenedmonds.com/catalogs/2014_AE_Fall_Catalog.pdfStill no Dundee in calf
Rui is pretty wide fitting.My own experience: I am between a 10D and 10E in US size. I went with Rui 9D UK when I bought my shell LWB from Meermin. They still feel a bit loose with dress socks and I probably could have gone down to 8.5.
That's good to know about the new chukka coming out soon.Club Monaco has the Dundee in black calf: http://www.clubmonaco.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=41825776Hope they have them in brown so that they are more affordable than the shell version.
Don't have experience with Rain last.I wear 9.5D Barrie and the Hiro 9 fits me snug but not tight with my slightly wide feet.Will try to take some tomorrow during daylight.
Received the order a week after placing the order... Snuff suede chukka in Hiro last. (Click to enlarge)
Based on your description and the pictures, I think the 48 is the better choice.
Just placed an order for a pair of the SNUFF RAPELLO SUEDE chukka. My first transaction went smoothly. Crossing my fingers that it would go just as well.
I contacted AE yesterday about Dundee in brown. They told me that lead time is 8-12 weeks.
The Hudson looks similar to Havana in measurements when I compared them of the same size, but with wider lapel and pleaded (a la Neapolitan?) shoulders.
They are both comfortable right out of the box but could take 1 or 2 wears to break them in.The moc toe is heavier than I expected due to the thick crepe sole. It also has better cushion insole compared to the round toe chukka. The moc toe is also more comfortable for my flat feet.The round toe has a high toe box. As a result of that, it has more of a round toe boots profile than what I come to expect from a 'chukka' or desert boots.Construction and material wise, they are...
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