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I want a pair of Dundee in brown too. 8 weeks lead time at $650 for first is just too long to wait.
As far as I can remember, that is for ALL sizes.I imagine they would have more inventory available for the upcoming sales. The question is whether they would have them in your size. As someone mentioned before, shell makeups seem to be made on demand.
Agreed.Since Lazio is similar in measurements from the chest down to Napoli, I think the narrower shoulders on Lazio might fit better.
I called this morning to enquire about the upcoming sales. Ended up ordering a pair of burgundy Dundee in my size - 10D - and they honored the sale-price of $325 and will be dispatching them today.They told me there're only 10 pairs in the entire inventory right now. Not sure if they will be getting more for the upcoming sales.
I just received the new Lazio plain blue suit from SS. When I tried it on, it felt a bit tight, so I checked out the measurements both from suit advisor from the suit page itself and from the bottom of the main suit landing page, and discovered that they have TWO DIFFERENT measurements for the same Lazio size of 40S!!! FWIW, the measurements from the suit itself are more accurate. See below...Click to enlarge. I thought I could just get the pants hemmed but now I...
Leather or rubber sole, I would buy a pair of this ^^^^.
Replaced the laces on my 9017 and gave them a buff in preparation for cooler weather.
I pulled the trigger over the weekend. Hope to receive them this week and off to the tailor.
Just noticed that SS now has Lazio in plain blue in their current lineup. http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/suits/lazio-blue-plain/P3786I.html?vpid=P3786I24
At the Shoe Bank site, what's with those 'image coming soon' listing at the bottom of the page? Enquiry mind wants to know...
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