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I just give it an application of HDLP rather than Sno-seal this time. I will give it another shot and see if they stay dry this time.
I guess cows are just like human, they develop cellulite due to inactivity and being fat?
This had been mentioned before, but I think is worth repeating: Red Wing should seriously consider putting their Beckman Chukka heel onto their Beckman 6" Round Toe: vs.
What kind of banquet and where is it taking place? The bow tie is a nice play; not sure if I would pair it with the shirt you point out though.
Well, Viberg is offering shoes with paint all over them, this wee bit of smudge is nothing to lose sleep over. As others would say 'Wear in good health....'
What is your experience or qualification in this area? Just trying to get some context....
Unlike my other boots, my feet keeps getting wet wearing my W1K in snowy weather even after I put on a half sole and treated them with whatever I can get my hands on. I think I am going to retire them to fair weather wear only.
Some one please help or this kitten die:I have a pair of 9017 (cigar Beckman chukka) on its way to a store to try on, or I can get a pair of 9013 (Chestnut Beckman) instead.
Called Shoe Bank today and they don't have Brown or Burgundy Dundee in my size.
I am in the market for a pair of medium to dark brown chukka that I can wear casually, and as dressy as wearing them with a sport coat and jeans/khaki to the office in a business casual office. So far, I have looked at: RL Saunders, Alden Chukka, and AE Dundee, just stumbled across the RW 9017. What is everyone's thought on the 9017 chukka? There was a threak on this but it is a bit dated and the information is not definitive:...
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