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Finally, brown Dundee in calf, and at only $295.The walnut MacNeil, had it come with natural edge, would have been a slam dunk.
Received the jacket yesterday. Relieved that it fits the same as my other Havana jacket - fit nicely right out of the box without alterations.It also looks like they do away with the 'coffin' styled box and simply use a rectangular box now.
PSA: For the Canadians here... Club Monaco Canada site has a 20-30% off sale going on this weekend that also applies to their AE shell shoes with some sizes still available. I believe same sale is happening on the US site as well, but sizes appear to be limited.
Interestingly, the order I placed this morning for a Havana jacket got shipped out of the Netherland even though I am in Canada. All my previous orders with SS were shipped out of New Jersey.
I was in a SuSu store and tried on the same size for both Hudson and Havana suit jackets and found the Hudson to be much tighter.As for Napoli, no matter how hard I tried, I could never make it work for me. They look like a $200 department store suit on me.
On the Suit Advisor, they have the same measurements for the same size.Anyhow, I just ordered this one for my upcoming trip to Hawaii: http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/jackets/havana-navy-plain/C847I.html?start=3&cgid=Jackets&prefn1=collection&prefn2=fit&prefv2=Havana&srule=PriceAsc&prefv1=Spring%2FSummerI have a Havana jacket and it fits like a glove right out of the box. Hope this one is the same.
Non-baller sneakers... adidas Superstar 80s Clean and Stan Smith B24364:
Necro bump.... Question for the experts: Since it is sneaker season, I am in the market for a pair of white sneaker and have my eyes on the Stan Smith. What is the difference between the current Stan Smith on the market? From what I noticed, one comes with padded tongue and the other one with stitched tongue. What I can noticed is that the pair with the stitched tongue appears to be more vintage looking and with yellow-ish sole. Other than that, I wonder if there's any...
The pair in the pic I believe is the calf Dundee (1.0) in black. Maybe AE would just release the CM version under its own brand and call it Dundee 2.0.The 2.0 certainly piques my interest.BTW, absolutely love the patina of the pair of Dundee you have for sale. I have a pair and they don't look near what you've got.
Could be the one they make for Club Monaco.
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