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I see....Thank you.
What do they mean when they say they 'lifted' the upper?
Just to share my experience: - I use an OG 257 as my day-to-day laptop/briefcase for the last 5-6 years. Absolutely no complaint. - I also have a Tan 261 full-sip tote that I use as my man-bag as carry-on, beach, camera bag, etc. Very versatile and hold plenty of stuff. - Then there's the small duffle. It is just painful/tiring//inconvenient to either carry by hand or sling over the should running from terminal to terminal. This bag has now been relegated to weekend...
I noticed this morning at Shoebank that they have 10E Dundee 2.0 Snuff Suede for $299. Unfortunately, no pic. I wonder if they are rejected MTO or new for Fall.
I don't generally buy black shoes/boots. But the Odenwald in black with brown edge and cream/white laces is drawing me in. They remind me of those vintage boxing boots.
Looks good - much better than the stock pics on AE site.Did you go TTS with the Gobi?
Since the Gobi (or Gobi 2) has been calling my name, I am looking to get the collective wisdom of this thread on sizing: - For my McAllister, Dundee, Leeds, I wear 10D. - For my Dalton, I tried on 10D but found the widest part tight so I got a pair of 10.5D even though 10E would probably do. - For Amok, I have a pair in 10D, but it is tight at the widest part. A 10E is probably the right fit. - For McTavish, I have a pair in 9.5D but it is tight in the toe area. - For...
Well...Looks like AE come up with Mojave 2.0 (or Gobi) with a flex welt sole:
Thanks. I'll be sure to post them to show how they would look with some creasing after a few wear, given that they are plain toe calf.
Received my brown calf Dundee 2.0 today 1 week after order placed (despite 8-week lead time indicated on AE site.) Next to Dundee burgundy shell: For $295 first (ordered before price was corrected.) Not too bad for the money.
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