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Thanks. I'll be sure to post them to show how they would look with some creasing after a few wear, given that they are plain toe calf.
Received my brown calf Dundee 2.0 today 1 week after order placed (despite 8-week lead time indicated on AE site.) Next to Dundee burgundy shell: For $295 first (ordered before price was corrected.) Not too bad for the money.
They really need to bring back Amok, especially in Snuff Suede.
I placed an order for a pair of Dundee 2.0 and it got shipped out a week after even though the website says 'hand crafted for you in 8 weeks.' Unfortunately, it got stuck at FedEx right now.
Just placed an order for a pair of Dundee 2.0 in brown burnished. Now the 8-week waiting game begins...
Thanks JSO1. Nice lineup you've got there.
Does anyone has a pic or two in-the-wild pic of Oxblood next to Dark Chili? TIA.
Darn, AE corrected the pricing error on the Dundee 2.0 from $295 to $385 just when I was ready to place an order.
Finally, brown Dundee in calf, and at only $295.The walnut MacNeil, had it come with natural edge, would have been a slam dunk.
Received the jacket yesterday. Relieved that it fits the same as my other Havana jacket - fit nicely right out of the box without alterations.It also looks like they do away with the 'coffin' styled box and simply use a rectangular box now.
New Posts  All Forums: