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^^^^ Posting some pics would help tremendously...
Well, I just pulled the trigger on a pair of Red Wing Beckman in chesnut from Amazon with their 20% off promo yesterday. Also made a payment to a rental villa in Barbados for my upcoming vacation just today.Plus for the life of me, I simply couldn't see how I could pair a pair tan chukka with anything I currently have.Those are my excuses and I am sticking to them.
Thanks to all the advices re the Saunders sizing. I am going to hold off (for now ) despite the very attractive price of $129.
Quick questions to all the experts: I am a size 9.5 in Alden Barrie and pretty much 10D in AE 65 last (McTavish, McAllister.) If I am to get the AE-made RL Saunders, given the many feedbacks that they are narrow, would it make sense for me to size up to 10.5 or stay at 10? TIA.
I might do it for $1000 for the day.
+1+2. I am also a D+ or E- but don't find the W1K to fit or feel narrow even though they look slim/narrow.
^^^^ I suppose Meltonian Light Brown or London Tan cream polish could work?
In my search for a pair of chukka....AE Shoe bank does not have brown Dundee in my size; eBay does not have any RL Saunders in my size. So here's the Beckman 9017 chukka that I picked up yesterday: The color in the pic is similar to in real life. It is a redder than most online pics I have seen. Will see how and if the color changes over time.
I just give it an application of HDLP rather than Sno-seal this time. I will give it another shot and see if they stay dry this time.
I guess cows are just like human, they develop cellulite due to inactivity and being fat?
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