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some ideas... try women t shirts. they tend to have shorter sleeves. start working out. you have no biceps. size down your shirts. dont buy Firetrap shirts. what in the world do you want semi see through shirts?
One of the coolest older dudes I have seen here on SF is forum member Dylanda. Here's a pic of him:
^^^^ Posting some pics would help tremendously...
Well, I just pulled the trigger on a pair of Red Wing Beckman in chesnut from Amazon with their 20% off promo yesterday. Also made a payment to a rental villa in Barbados for my upcoming vacation just today.Plus for the life of me, I simply couldn't see how I could pair a pair tan chukka with anything I currently have.Those are my excuses and I am sticking to them.
Thanks to all the advices re the Saunders sizing. I am going to hold off (for now ) despite the very attractive price of $129.
Quick questions to all the experts: I am a size 9.5 in Alden Barrie and pretty much 10D in AE 65 last (McTavish, McAllister.) If I am to get the AE-made RL Saunders, given the many feedbacks that they are narrow, would it make sense for me to size up to 10.5 or stay at 10? TIA.
I might do it for $1000 for the day.
+1+2. I am also a D+ or E- but don't find the W1K to fit or feel narrow even though they look slim/narrow.
^^^^ I suppose Meltonian Light Brown or London Tan cream polish could work?
In my search for a pair of chukka....AE Shoe bank does not have brown Dundee in my size; eBay does not have any RL Saunders in my size. So here's the Beckman 9017 chukka that I picked up yesterday: The color in the pic is similar to in real life. It is a redder than most online pics I have seen. Will see how and if the color changes over time.
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