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You are not the only one.When I got fitted for my New Balance runner, Brannock had me at 8.5EE. In real life, I go with 10D as my 'TTS.'
Wondering where I fit in among the AE connoisseurs, I decided to do an inventory of my AE shoes: - Ashland - 10E (my first pair, my second pair and subsequent pairs come 12 years after) - Banchory grey - Dundee shell - Dundee 2.0 brown calf - McAllister Bourbon - Dalton Bourbon - Leeds brown calf - 10E - MacNeil 2.0 Chili - PA brown calf - McTavish Tan - Gobi Snuff Suede - Amok sand suede - should have sized up width wise to E, but managed to stretched it by inserting XL...
Hehe...Not sure what I was thinking.
These brown pepper grain First Ave looks very good and very tempting.
Thank you.They certainly do.Thank you.From what I gathered, the Leydon last fits narrow so as soon as I saw Leffot restock in E, I jumped on it.
Took delivery of these E-width 1493 yesterday from Leffot.
Not sure if this has been posted... BB version of Alden(?) suede chukka: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Unstructured-Suede-Chuka-Boots/MH00496,default,pd.html?dwvar_MH00496_Color=DKBR&contentpos=20&cgid=0522 On the fence with respect to the black edge trim.
Dark Chili MacNeil 2.0 making its debut this morning in the wild:
Given what you have described, I think a pair of 6" Red Wing boot from their Beckman, Iron Ranger, or Round Toe lineup would be practical, looks good with jeans, and just overall more versatile.
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