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The explanation by Soletrane below re the tote 261 (bolded) pretty much sums up my sentiment.
Ordered a pair of MacNeil 2.0 from the Shoebank yesterday, expecting delivery to the Chicago office today... The person covering for the visitor coordinator during lunch at the front desk refused the shipment for whatever reason! Mad scramble to get FedEx to try redeliver today to no avail.
I see....Thank you.
What do they mean when they say they 'lifted' the upper?
Just to share my experience: - I use an OG 257 as my day-to-day laptop/briefcase for the last 5-6 years. Absolutely no complaint. - I also have a Tan 261 full-sip tote that I use as my man-bag as carry-on, beach, camera bag, etc. Very versatile and hold plenty of stuff. - Then there's the small duffle. It is just painful/tiring//inconvenient to either carry by hand or sling over the should running from terminal to terminal. This bag has now been relegated to weekend...
I noticed this morning at Shoebank that they have 10E Dundee 2.0 Snuff Suede for $299. Unfortunately, no pic. I wonder if they are rejected MTO or new for Fall.
I don't generally buy black shoes/boots. But the Odenwald in black with brown edge and cream/white laces is drawing me in. They remind me of those vintage boxing boots.
Looks good - much better than the stock pics on AE site.Did you go TTS with the Gobi?
Since the Gobi (or Gobi 2) has been calling my name, I am looking to get the collective wisdom of this thread on sizing: - For my McAllister, Dundee, Leeds, I wear 10D. - For my Dalton, I tried on 10D but found the widest part tight so I got a pair of 10.5D even though 10E would probably do. - For Amok, I have a pair in 10D, but it is tight at the widest part. A 10E is probably the right fit. - For McTavish, I have a pair in 9.5D but it is tight in the toe area. - For...
Well...Looks like AE come up with Mojave 2.0 (or Gobi) with a flex welt sole: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4533_1_40000000001_-1?style=4527.
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