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I've been eyeing the Dalton. I normally wear 10D with most AE. I imagine I should size up to either 10E or 10.5D?
What happens when you do squats in those trousers?
Apparently it is all Tom Watson's fault and not the players', including Keegan. The boots are innocent.
Ever since seeing the US Ryder Cup team wearing them in the opening ceremony, I am tempted to get a pair of Dalton when they go on sales at the Show Bank, but I just didn't expect it so soon.
I have a pair of curry/khaki-colored corduroy pants. What SC, shirt, and shoes combos are recommended?
I am not feeling the McGregor after seeing it on their website. I thank god for that since my wallet would not allow it.
Saw the opening ceremony last night...Those boots really pop up in a nice way.
Well, they provided me an RMA for me to send the shoes back and replace them. I guess since I am in Canada, they wont be sending me a FedEx label.Nevertheless, good customer service.
After about 5 wears, the stitching at the back of my right boot that I got thru Club Monaco came undone. Just sent an email to Rancourt asking for a remedy/recommendation. Will see what they come back with...
Ryan Gosling would never wear glasses like that...
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