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PSA for the Toronto brethren: Sherway Gardens just open their JCrew store.
You can wear the grey Banchory in situations where you would otherwise wear a pair of white canvas sneakers.
http://www.therightlace.com/Someone mentioned that you can email Wolverine and they will send you a pair for free. I tried but they directed me to the above website.
I did not realize Shoe Bank has a list like this available online. Could be a bad thing for my wallet.
^^^^ Thanks. Yeah, the single sole kind of sucks. Probably best to buy the BB MacNeil seconds from Shoebank and then sand down the black sole edging to give it a natural edge.
Not sure if this has been asked before... With respect to the current Webgem offering of MacNeil 5, what is the difference between: 9006 Burgundy Leather with Leather Sole and 9016 Burgundy Leather with Leather Sole? Also, are they double or single sole? TIA.
^^^^ This looks fantastic.
I think both fit you well based on the pics.Which one feels more comfortable when you move around?
I just emailed them for availability of brown Dundee in my size. Let's see what they come back with...
Yeah, for $1000, Samuelsohn would get into the mix for me.Counterfeiters are going after SS now?
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