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Two extra sets of eyelets?
With respect to Leiden... Chisel toe and single sole don't go with long wing, in my opinion.
Thank you all for your input. I will leave it as is. Here's a pic from a different angle:
Thank you. I am thinking about getting some brown edge dressing to darken the sole. Still on the fence.
Got these from Lost & Found in Toronto today.
Still kicking myself for missing out on the BBBF clearance at the RBC location. I am still looking for a black derby PTB or LWB with double sole. Anyone have any suggestion? I suppose I can get a pair of AE Leeds or MacNeil. But I don't mind going off the beating path.
Thank you. Save me a trip.
That's my size and I am in the market for a pair of black derby either LWB or PTB. This pair would do if no one have snatched it up yet.
Nice shoe and nice pic you got. If anything, I thought my crappy pic would have dissuaded you. Congratulations on a nice pickup.
Couldn't resist the recent flash sales and broke my self-imposed moratorium of shoe purchase. MacNeil brown grain 2.0 from Shoebank. They are darker than the picture in real life (I will try to take a pic under natural light - weather permitting) and the grain surface is not that prominently visible. My intent is to wear them as business casual, but I would not have any problem wearing them with suit to the office.
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