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Stow in Aniline Navy from Lost and Found in Toronto on Boxing Day:
Does anyone know if Lost & Found have Boxing Day sales? Been eyeing a pair of their Trickers brogue boots. I am also eyeing the Grenson Fred Triple Welt brogue boots available at Gravity Pope just a block or so away. Are there any other brogue boots I should check out other than those two that I mentioned? TIA.
Here they are.Never been treated, just a quick wipe and brush every now and then.This pair of charcoal IR is my favorite boots by far.
^^^^ @7 Rocket, judging by your current lineup, I second @mbaltazar's suggestion.
Their new brown pebble grain LWB is certainly catching my eyes. Thom Browne-ish without the price tag.
Not a shill here.... Just want to give a shout-out re the outstanding and prompt service Rick and the team provided in fixing a minor tailoring misunderstanding.
Looking to get a new overcoat this coming Winter.. The caveat is I am looking for something out of the ordinary (since I already have the stable colors like black, olive, camel, and grey): something in plaid and/or with a little red/maroon mixed in. Budget is up to $2,000. Any recommendation is appreciated.
I am a fan of non-iron shirts as well.However, for must-iron shirts, I'd say S&M are up there in terms of value for money.
Got my first S&M suit this weekend. If it works out, they can be my new go-to. Alteration cost is very reasonable.
Agreed. I wear BB ESF (Milano) 16.5. For S&M, I go with the Contemporary fit even though the Slim fit still works (barely.)
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