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Here they are.Never been treated, just a quick wipe and brush every now and then.This pair of charcoal IR is my favorite boots by far.
^^^^ @7 Rocket, judging by your current lineup, I second @mbaltazar's suggestion.
Their new brown pebble grain LWB is certainly catching my eyes. Thom Browne-ish without the price tag.http://us.suitsupply.com/en_CA/shoes/brown-derby-brogue/FW162321.html?cgid=Shoes
Not a shill here.... Just want to give a shout-out re the outstanding and prompt service Rick and the team provided in fixing a minor tailoring misunderstanding.
Looking to get a new overcoat this coming Winter.. The caveat is I am looking for something out of the ordinary (since I already have the stable colors like black, olive, camel, and grey): something in plaid and/or with a little red/maroon mixed in. Budget is up to $2,000. Any recommendation is appreciated.
I am a fan of non-iron shirts as well.However, for must-iron shirts, I'd say S&M are up there in terms of value for money.
Got my first S&M suit this weekend. If it works out, they can be my new go-to. Alteration cost is very reasonable.
Agreed. I wear BB ESF (Milano) 16.5. For S&M, I go with the Contemporary fit even though the Slim fit still works (barely.)
Great news. Looking to pick up two stable suits in person tomorrow.
Just wondering about this as well. Looking to pick up a suit.
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