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Quote: Originally Posted by Whiskey what kind of boots are those? boots are cdiem
Somet 008. Size 28.
sorry, wrong thread
wow, not liking any of this.
Looking for a pair in size 7 (black). thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta so many people have mentioned mexico. besides the historical value of the pyramids, do you realize that mexico city is the second largest city in the world (tokyo #1), and if you've never have been to the second largest city in the world, you cannot say you are well traveled, especially if you live in the country next door. thanks for reminding me mexico
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my personal choice is to soak no matter what. if it's dry denim and it's sanforized, and it fit's perfect pre-soak, i will do a warm soak. and will try them on while they are still damp, so they don't shrink too much. depends on how tight you want them, etc.
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how is this thread 6 pages long? makes my head hurt
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