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j.crew wool shawl collar cardigan added. + price drops /
2 new shirts added.
Price drops. Everything $15-$30 shipped. I couldn't make this stuff cheaper.
Quote: Originally Posted by TomAlso Could give me the chest measurement on the Zegna shirt? Thanks p2p: 23"
Quote: Originally Posted by shoppingshzhang what is the waist for the BR wool pants? Thanks 30"
Everything priced to sell quickly! I want the closet space so I am just getting rid of stuff. Everything is in excellent lightly worn condition. All shirts dry cleaned. I have 100% feedback on ebay @ the same username & other forums like Message questions or post in reply as this sends an email notice for quicker response. Thanks! H&M Slim Fit Two Ply Button-Up Shirt - Dark Grey - Medium SOLD All Saints v neck sold BR crewneck sold J crew flannel...
price drops. *new styles added.
Price drops
price drops on current selections & a few new items added.
post taken down
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