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red chambray sold
price drops & new items added.
prices dropped & new items added.
This thing is brand new without box. I bought it because I needed a watch. 2 weeks after I bought it I decided to buy an Omega & I no longer need this. This item's measurements are: Min. Strap Length 6" / 16cm Max. Strap Length 9" / 23cm Strap Width 1" / 2cm Face Diameter 2" / 4cm FREE SHIPPING via FedEx From JCrew: Continuing our collaboration with Timex, one of our favorite all-American brands, we've created a dive-style watch that's timeless and genuinely true to its...
Shades of Grey t-shirt sold.
Need to make some room in my closet, I have a bunch of amazing stuff I literally never wear. I have 100% feedback on ebay @ the same username. If you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to post in the thread or just PM me. Shirts have been dry cleaned. Thanks! J.CREW RED SELVEDGE CHAMBRAY UTILITY SHIRT: SOLD J.CREW Lightweight navy blue button-down: SOLD J.Crew Black Utility Shirt: SOLD J.Crew Cadet Jacket: SOLD J.Crew Purple/White Mini-Gingham: SOLD J.Crew...
price drop .
prices dropped on all items.
still interested in fit pick?? sorry, been out of town!
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