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Rolling Rack: $45 Coat Closet: $10 Slight bend in pole from moving but the closet sits straight
I recently moved out of a loft that didn't have closets, it was a completely open floor plan, needless to say, the rolling rack & "basic clothes closet" were necessary. Rolling Rack: Asking price $50 The Basic Clothes Closet: Asking price $15 Slight bend in pole but closet sits straight
I got these hats as a b-day present a couple months ago when I had long hair, I cut my hair right after my b-day & now NONE of these hats fit me. They are literally never worn & in brand new condition. I'm asking $10 per hat.I have 3 of the Dodger blue standard 'LA' hats & 2 all black 'LA'.
great bow-ties!
are these slim fit? skinny?
you located in LA?
really wish this was a little darker
interested in quite a few shirts
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