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Does Craigslist count? Porsche Cayenne 22" Techart rims Kartell lamp + the clothes, watch & rolling rack listed in my signature.
Tim Hamilton The Boom Boom
water, sugarfree redbull & 5hr energy
i understand this is in regards to a certain type of post, a post with no research done, askign a question, etc. but i do think it's a bit ignorant to say everybody w/ less than X amount of posts isn't knowledgeable. some of us just don't feel it necessary to post often or respond to every thread online...
in no particular order: inception iron man 2 toy story 3 alice in wonderland girl with the dragon tattoo mesrine(french film)
sat. night i had James Beach in venice for the 1st time. it's the fish taco place as seen in "i love you man" which i didn't know until we got there & it said that on the menu, but the fish tacos were really great! last night was my local favorite, umami burger =)
price drop.
very helpful thread, thank you.
^ same, i agree
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