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Found on bluebuttonshop.com Francis with Toe Strip https://www.bluebuttonshop.com/shops/product_detail.php?pid=104807&gender=M&mode=B
received the shoes today, love them! and definitely no need to apologize.I will take photos comparing them to my Junya Black and Thom Browne soonthanks again, everyonebrian
I haven't received my shoes yet, but hey, I may love them just as much. Stay positive, my friends, after all, these are just shoes...or toys for grown-ups.
I haven't received my pair yet, but I was expecting the End Clothing style, I put the 2 images together, the grained and smooth leather are "reversed" comparing to End style. oh well...not much we can do now.
Can't wait to get mine too, these will be my third brogue (the Thom Browne one and the recent Junya x Tricker's)just from the past year, I am liking black shoes more than brown...don't know why...
Dont get me wrong, I am a EG fan, but this FW12 stuff is so similar from past seasons, how many work shirts do I need? I'll love to suggest to Daiki, please continue to re-issue work\ miner shirts for newbies but do come up with some newer shirts\ jackets design for us old-timers. just my 2 cents.
I can't tell the different between the FW12 Natural Miner shirt and the SS12 version? same material? thanks in advance
We all know Context styling sucks, but I want to know why. Is it because they tug their shirts in? shirt size too big, too small? no layering? their models have no charisma (no offense, their 4th of July photo shoot was unwatchable)?
any down vests this season? thanks in advance
My reason is very simple : I am 42 years old, I can afford something nice (finally), and I don't want to wear the same GAP\ OLD NAVY\ FOREVER 21\ Kmart shorts as my teenager kids' friends wearing. Also, I don't think "worth the price" ever apply to mid-to high fashion. Of course it is not worth it, if you like it and have the money, spend it. keep the economy going...
New Posts  All Forums: