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Thank you all! I decided to go blue in blue today. See you at the Cebit 2011 today ;> Sorry AlmostSmart, no spread collar hence no double windsor. I had the waist taken in, the sleeves and pants shortened.
What do you think of that combination? Would it be OK to wear it? ;> Suit is dark blue.
Price drops...
That is where I work out three times a week: (website)
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus Here's what I actually wore on Friday (because I had an interview): [[SPOILER]] Close-ups: [[SPOILER]] Items: [[SPOILER]] Very nice, I like it! Especially the tie with that suit. But I would've worn a belt with that outfit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jan_ Don't forget to remove the label on the sleeve. If I keep it, of course!
If someone needs some details / more pics, don't hesitate to ask. Every price is negotiable ...   Shipping: To the USA or Canada: EUR 14 / US$ 17 To Germany: EUR 6 / US$ 8 To Europe: EUR 14 / US$ 17   I hope those shipping costs are still correct. I read them a while ago... Other countries may vary. I will check the price for each country if someone wants to buy something.    Polo Ralph Lauren Jacket Size: 42L (D: 102) Color: Sand? Take a look at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by JKMWCL The shirt and tie are all kinds of wrong but I'm chalking that up to throwing something on to get some ides on the fit of the suit.... I would suggest you get the jacket waist taken in a little and the jacket should be work. On the pants, it looks like you have pretty big calves based on the fit of the pants at that level. However, it looks a little loose through the thigh area so a tapering should provide a...
After my first two posts in this thread, I bought new shoes and a new suit. Please tell me what you think about it, especially about the fit of the suit. Please ignore the length of the jacket sleeves and the pants - I bought the suit two hours ago. (The other posts: #1 & #2)
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