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I got my first bracelets from HomerJ today. They are really beautiful. Thanks a lot! I am sure I will buy some more in the future. Maybe try 8mm next time.
It looks really awesome, especially with the windowpane on it! Nice shoes. Who is the maker of it?This looks very nice NYR!
What do you think about "The Bridge" briefcases? About the look and if possible, about the quality. Especially about this one: The Bridge Story Uomo: I really like the look and I think the quality could be very good. Right now I am looking for a briefcase which is in a similar size of this one - about 40cm wide with a minimum of 2 compartments (1 for my laptop, one for other stuff). The Italian company: The Bridge
Received mine beginning this year. They are really great, thank a lot!
I don't know if it matters. I always thought so - I learned that somewhere... Recently I wore a lapel flower to work. I got some compliments on it from my colleagues. (Not from my boss, he'd never say something about someone elses clothes as far as I know... ) But that was only in the office, not in a customer meeting or on customer site.
Today: [[SPOILER]]
That's what I thought... Thanks mcbrown! I'm not really a sales guy. My boss is, I'm just a programmer who supports him with technical issues.
G'Day Gentlemen! Is it okay to wear a pocket square with your suit when e.g. my boss never does? What about a lapel flower / boutonnieres? An employee shouldn't dress better than the boss does, right? But is a pocket square and lapel flower better? Or just different? Please tell me your opinion, your experiences and share your knowledge. Thanks in advance! Cheers, Flix! edit: It would be while having meetings with customers, presenting products, training of customers,...
Have a look around on tumblr and sites like that. You'll find plenty of mens fashion blogs like street etiquette... Here are some examples - Maybe you'll like some: aeglus vestitus thisandthatstyle werapidsk8 mostexerent giantbeard basicsofman guystyleguide kleidsam I know, some of them are users of this forum, as well. As for the expensive shoes: Have a look at "Floris van Bommel". I really like the look and the fit of those and they are not as pricy as most other...
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