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Thanks. If I wasn't interested in cuffing what would be a good amount to cut off? I don' mind stacking it some, but I don't want it to be over the top.
Just picked these APC Petite Standards size 30. Think I these could use a hem, but not sure how much. Thoughts on the fit?
This is the standard shell cordovan model 975 on the Barrie Last in color #8 side 8D. Compared to standard dress shoes, the Barrie last runs a half size large, so these are best for someone who usually takes a 8.5D. Shoe bags are included. Slight scuff marks (pictured) which would probably come out with some love and care, but otherwise in great condition. I just don't wear them enough and have decided to pass them on. These go for $665 brand new on Shoemart. I am...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg lookin good, Vaitek. are the sleeves stacking around your wrists? I guess lamb would do that if the sleeves are long enough. not a bad look, just surprising. Sorry missed this question. They do stack some. Charly said I should get the sleeves a little longer. I guess so when your arms are bent the sleeves don't ride up?
Received my brown lamb bomber today. Bad phone pics.
xpost from the Alden thread. I got these from Epaulet and am very happy with them.
Ok, I ordered a bomber at the end of October and I'm giddy. They said three weeks should should be soon. Argh... Charly was awesome helping with sizing. The "unofficial" site is exactly that. Unofficial. So you have to talk to them directly for current styles and pricing. They are very easy to work with. I asked questions that I'm sure they heard 100's of times before me, but didn't phase them.
That purple/black varsity looks awesome.
Thought I'd share another shot of these outside.
Got these on today.
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