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Can I get added to the list?? I'm not sure where the box is but I'm in the Northeast.
PM Sent
price drop on final two items.
another price drop. great price for these chukkas.
Love to grab #3 if it's still around. That deep purple is missing in my rotation!
price drop
price drop
Price drop. PM with interest
Making a price drop so I can respond: If you don't like people that "flip" then you don't have to purchase their items. Some people treat it as a hobby, others as a business - it's a free market and people are free to buy/sell/trade anything they have. Would the situation be any different if I had STOLEN these shoes from a retailer? Would you rather have purchased stolen merchandise? The money I spent for the chukkas went to a charity that helps people, maybe next time...
Very nice pair of Joseph Cheaney Chukkas, size 10D and Made in England. Just cleaned and conditioned and ready to wear! Very nice brown color with some shades of darker brown throughout. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT PM with interest or more info!
New Posts  All Forums: