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Is it appropriate to wear a hat to a somewhat informal wedding? I have an itch to pair a herringbone short brim fedora with my grey suit
Quote: Originally Posted by jbharris88 Let's see some pics! I had some fabric availability issues with my first choice, which has delayed the process. I expect my first fitting in 3 weeks or so. I'm getting my Indochino suits end of this week. Pics to follow shortly thereafter.
Quote: Originally Posted by mjc To be fair, my suits (and separate pants) have all fit perfectly, without need for alteration. That may be due to my classical Adonis-like figure - Mike After I got my measuring issues sorted out, My last 2 have been perfect as well.
I let my tailor pick the fabric for my first bespoke suit. I loved his choice, so he is my defacto proxy.
Quote: Originally Posted by glowell222 Yes-buy to fit at the shoulders and neck and then have your shirts altered. If the shoulders fit but the sleeves are too long or too short, then you have to make the choice of buying to fit the sleeves and neck and then having the sides altered (with shoulders too wide), or having your shirts made to measure. I had to go MTM. I never could get the right fit by altering a off the rack shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by mjc He has offered both an exchange and a refund, so let's give him a little credit... - Mike Certainly, I would give him a lot of credit actually. I think their customer service is great. I was merely pointing out that it either situation is possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by LorenzL First of all, I thought it is cool that you got a response and it seems to indicate what I suspected, namely that they got a bad shipment and it escaped their quality controls... Or he is full of shit. Which is also possible.
Without placket has a tendency to look cheap, whether it is or not. Concealed just looks weird. With Placket!
Quote: Originally Posted by gvibes Have any bigger dudes ordered an indochino suit with any success? I'm like a 44R. I'm a 50R, suit had to be redone, though mostly due to them not leaving as much material as was needed to make adjustments. All in all, the most troubling part for me was the chest to waist cut. I'm 49 inches in the chest, but only 38-39 inches in the waist. The cut they gave me made it seem I was 49 inches all the way...
Ok, so I went both ways on this. I ordered a couple of suits from Indochino, I figure at worst they get returned and at best I get a decent fitting suit. And I am getting a bespoke suit made from a local tailor who has come highly recommended, my first appointment being tomorrow. I received my Indochino suits today (no pics yet), and I'm happy that the fabric was better than I anticipated and the fit was not terrible either. I'm taking them with me to my...
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