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Bring a photo and go see G. Tonino on St. Hubert. Excellent tailor.
Just booked my tickets as well. Grandstand 31 (missed out on 34 this year)
Acura TL w/AWD.
Depending on what is going on. If we're in the middle of a deal, I usually get up at 6:30 or so, hit the gym, get home and do my thing, and I'm in my office by 9 to 930. If we aren't too busy, I can get up at 845 and get in by 1030 - 11
Turnaround consultant for a boutique Montreal firm. Love my job and LOVE this city.
Certainly. Here are some I took earlier. I can take a shot from any angle you want. I'm not sure who makes them, no indication on the box or the shoe.
If you can swing a trip to Montreal, you could go to Samuelsohn directly and get some fairly decent stuff in your range. It's a bit of a trip from Toronto, but you'll get a good suit in your price range. I was there recently and there is a decent selection available. Definitely some basic navy and charcoal.
Thanks.Complete fluke. Walking around Harry Rosen with a friend, browsing around the shoes and there she was.
Canali dark brown wingtip.
That's not fair.I'm not a ginger.
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