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I would second Christopher Ward.
You know, I really like Le Firme. I've been there a few times and it's quite nice. But I can't ignore his shirt in that photo. Either he is standing very awkwardly, or that shirt does not fit him.
Really like the shoes.Details?
In all honestly, I would love to be able to buy off the rack more often. But finding a 48S with a 22 inches in the shoulders and a 14 inch drop is next to impossible, expect for the odd casual sport coat. If you can get a great fit OTR and then get it tailored to fit perfectly, go for it. I'm just stuck with impossible proportions.
Most of my suits are bespoke, just because of my unusual dimensions. They typically go about $1500 for a two piece.
I've been a customer of G. Tonino for 3 years now and his bespoke suits have officially taken over my closet. He has also done alterations and outwear for me.
If anything, this thread has convinced me to try Charles Tyrwhitt. I usually go TM Lewin and Thomas Pink, but I can't ignore the good stuff I'm reading. So, I'm guessing the thread has had the exact opposite of the intended effect.
Some pocket squares picked up off the B&S.
Casual day in the office means I can bust out the casual loafers.
Your tailor doesn't sound like a tailor.
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