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Love the whole ensemble, but that waistcoat is quite lovely.
I've been going back on forth on participating in one of these challenges, so I might as well jump in on one where looking ridiculous is almost a forgone conclusion. I have something in mind that I'll attempt to wear outside my home tomorrow.
I completely forgot I had a shirt order outstanding, which of course is finally ready and I have a balance to pay. If it was closer to the end of the month, I would likely hold out, but I hate leaving my tailor with balance outstanding for 2 weeks.
I'm 31 and I've been a customer of Arthur Inc and G. Tonino. I'm also not an old man of indiscriminate wealth nor a Jersey Shore extra. Both are perfectly reasonably priced for the quality you get and I cannot recommend them enough. Both shops only deal in custom / bespoke work. So if you're looking for a quick fix, it won't be the best bet. But if you have some time, they are both well worth a visit.
I only hang suits, dress shirts and pants. Everything else is folded, rolled or vacuum sealed and stored in a cryo-chamber.
Grabbed the wrong socks this morning.
Pics of the garment, or garments in question, would be appreciated.
I'm not a fan of black dress pants, but that's more my personal hang up. I really don't like wearing a shirt and tie with no jacket.
It also makes tanning the cheeks easier.
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