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That's going to take a while.... My other English shoes are generally 7G, so for the Bourtons I went with a size 7 "6 Fitting" in the 4444 last because the worst thing I thought would happen was I'd wear thicker socks, same as my last pair of heavy brogues (the Herring Rusland by Cheaney). However, these are much, much stiffer, and after I made the mistake of trying light to medium weight socks to start it took all of two blocks for blisters to form on my admittedly bony...
First pair of Trickers: Bourtons on a commando sole from retricker. They don't post shoes in my required 6 fitting that often. Hopefully I'll get lucky with a boot next time. When I lived in London I seem to recall visiting the store on Jermyn St and not finding anything that fit but maybe I am thinking of the city shoes. These seem ok. Much more arch support than my last pair of heavy Cheaney brogues. The bellows tongue is a bit stuff and seems to have caught my...
Just received the long-sleeved GRP linen polo. First impression: pretty great. It can get pretty humid here so I expect it'll get a lot of wear.
Back room of Club Monaco on Queen (to the left) has Paraboot Avoriaz hiking boots for $400 less 40%. UK sizes 7.5 and up. Mostly black, although I think there is a UK8 in brown.   I considered getting a pair myself but Paraboots only come in one width and I'm an E. They're quite stiff and I wasn't really willing to risk going for a 7.5 over my usual UK 7G in something like that based on slipping them on over no-show socks.
The English don't really do pockets.
There are some fully canvassed 1818 jackets but the ones I've seen online are imported (e.g. China).
J.Crew Eaton Centre also still has that size 36 slim fit Mackintosh in grey from ages ago. (Picture here, description totally inaccurate). I think it's ~$420 after 50% off.   I wear a 36S jacket and I doubt I'd be comfortable with even a light sweater on underneath, which is a problem since when it's T-Shirt weather I probably don't want to be wearing a full rubber mac. But heads up for the size 34 people out there.
Cheaney (and by extension Herring) have some G fitting options. I have a wide forefoot and they worked well for me, while having a narrower heel than some of the E/EE Allen Edmonds and Aldens I've tried.
There are closeup shots in the video the store produced. It's corduroy.
Got hit for full duty and taxes on a pair of Cheaney brogues. The fact that they were sent by Brogueshoes.co.uk was probably the tip-off.
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