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I just got one. I bought a few things recently during the fall corporate sales (a Filson case and some pants) after a period of inactivity so it's not like I need to be brought back into the store.
 Bought the mossy green last year on boxing day. Very nice for a Canadian winter, so I got the olive and khaki this year during the corporate sale. The latter is a little yellow, but I kind of like it as most winter-weight casual pants tend to be drab. The green ones seem prone to pill a little but I've not yet noticed anything with the new batch. 
FYI Holts Mens on bloor seems to be discontinuing Cheaney. A few models for about $475.
If you want MTM, remember that (at least here in the east) The Bay does have Samuelsohn events every once in a while. Ask to get on their mailing list.
Couple of pairs of Allen Edmonds "Lake Shore" tassel loafers on clearance at The Bay on Queen, ~$160. Size 9-10ish IIRC. They had them on the racks last fall so they're a bit beat up but they'd be nice for spring.
 Is it an anklet? I can't tell on my monitor. Could also be a tattoo.
 46EU or North American?
 What you're supposed to do is patch it (assuming it's not on the seam), but they stopped making the repair kits a while ago. You can find them on eBay every now and then. The kits include some waxed cotton in a couple of colours, thread, and some tartan lining material.
 I've always found Moose Knuckles stuff hideous, but the alternative is everyone in Toronto just wearing Canada Goose 24/7.
Seems like it would invite some pretty awkward conversations.
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