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I'm find with the colour--if anything I don't want to change it with something flatter.
Any suggestions for treating brown zug? I bought a pair of Matlocks and they have a sort of purple undertone.
Probably. I bought one five years ago on clearance for about US$10. I guess it took this long to filter down to Goodwill.
The modern ones have much nicer handles.
 I was also surprised to have a change pocket in both left and right pockets. But there's nothing really wrong with them. 
They quickly refunded me my VAT after I ordered from the new site, but the pair went out with the VAT included in the declared value so I paid tax & duty on the higher amount. Don't think that happened last time. I should be able to get it back from the government based on the receipts.
I could have been clearer, and my numbers in the first post definitely don't make sense. The total charged by UPS was over $140. That was more than I had expected based on past experience, and I had assumed when I received the notification that it was due to inflated UPS brokerage fees. However, when I finally saw the bill upon delivery UPS had in fact only charged $10 plus HST ($11.30). The remaining ~$130 was tax and duty, and the reason that those were higher than...
Just took delivery of a pair of Tricker's. I got an email yesterday with the duty and taxes owing and I was wondering why it was so high–I assumed that UPS (who the outlet has switched to, from DHL) was taking over $40 of brokerage. What appears to have happened was that I was charged on the VAT-included total. UPS limited themselves to $10 plus HST. It's almost $25 even on a pair from the outlet so I guess it's worth my time to ask for an adjustment.
No idea. I do remember trying it on and it was surprisingly heavy.
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