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I will probably drop by.
I ordered the Lavenham on Monday and it just arrived on my doorstep in Canada. Very fast.   As I said I'm a 36S so the size Small fits more like the Barbour Liddesdale in Gerry's post—a bit looser, although my arms are shorter so I may turn the cuff back. I can comfortably wear it over a blazer, but the shaping means it doesn't look enormously oversized on its own. I'd agree that a small in Lavenham is about an XS in an equivalent Barbour.   On that note, Winners (AKA...
 I have but Suitsupply refused to do it for me. I think they were worried I'd change my mind. Haven't worn the suit enough to decide whether it's worth doing.
Still not entirely sure, but with the new discount code I went ahead and ordered a size small. We'll see when it's delivered.
What do you mean the trim was "restarted"? From your pictures it appears that when adding the trim the maker started sewing on the back, continued up the sides, around the front of the bag, and ended where they started, with a bit of overlap. A piece of trim has a beginning and end. Did you expect it to be seamless?
 The "admiration" article was in GQ. I still remember his interview in the Globe and Mail when he went on about his sex life.
Many threads on this recently. Do a search. Also check out Charles Tyrwhitt.   The Bow Tie should be the same material as your jacket's lapels (i.e. Satin or Grosgrain). The vest may not feature any silk, but if it does then it should also match. For example, the one you linked has satin lapels.
"Separates" these days are usually low quality. I think that's about it. Actually, some retailers do offer extra trousers standard (e.g. Ede & Ravenscroft).
 Any feedback on the Lavenham's fit? I am a 36S and have a size small "heritage" barbour beaufort I like—I can even squeeze it over a tweed jacket if pressed, sans liner—but those Denham measurements seem awfully generous. I've never like the Barbour Liddesdale, and while I've tried Lavenhams on before in Selfridges and liked them I can't really remember what size I wore.
The Mr Porter bag isn't completely hand stitched. For one thing, it has a machine-stitched handle. Compare it to the tan bag, which features the hand-stitched handle, with its giveaway central ridge.
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