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If you want MTM, remember that (at least here in the east) The Bay does have Samuelsohn events every once in a while. Ask to get on their mailing list.
Couple of pairs of Allen Edmonds "Lake Shore" tassel loafers on clearance at The Bay on Queen, ~$160. Size 9-10ish IIRC. They had them on the racks last fall so they're a bit beat up but they'd be nice for spring.
 Is it an anklet? I can't tell on my monitor. Could also be a tattoo.
 46EU or North American?
 What you're supposed to do is patch it (assuming it's not on the seam), but they stopped making the repair kits a while ago. You can find them on eBay every now and then. The kits include some waxed cotton in a couple of colours, thread, and some tartan lining material.
 I've always found Moose Knuckles stuff hideous, but the alternative is everyone in Toronto just wearing Canada Goose 24/7.
Seems like it would invite some pretty awkward conversations.
I think I beat you up there by an hour or two. I bought three today at Yorkdale in addition to the one yesterday on Bloor. Those look like the ones I left behind—I also got the green and yellow ones, and the striped tie in red.   I found it amusing that those ties were marked down below the (non-Cashmere) socks on the other side of the table. Crazy. Harry Rosen had some perfectly nice Polo ties in a sort of retro, minimally lined, non-plush wool, very trad. Half off but...
Are you sure Samuelsohn starts at $895, and not Coppley or someone else? I believe people have talked about the experience here before. You'd do best by searching through the relevant Sanuelsohn or Toronto threads. Or just post in the Toronto thread.
Just an update: Holts has one mustard large paisley left. The rest are damaged. Thanks for the heads up from the forumite I ran into. He had me pegged as from SF the moment I walked up, though to be fair I was wearing a loden coat. IIRC HR Yorkdale carries Drakes so maybe they'll have some. The Breuers are nice though. Mostly simple rough wools with thin contrasting stripes
New Posts  All Forums: