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For sale is a pair of brown suede Grenson "Jack" loafers in a size UK 7. They were purchased from Club Monaco and worn about 4-5 times.   I am selling them because they run a bit large (a known fact about Grensons, but more of an issue with loafers) and I would prefer to wear shoes like these with thinner or no socks. As it is I get a bit of heel slip.   For reference I wear a UK 7G in Cheaney and Barker.   The shoes have surface toe plates fitted. These can be...
I got six of those Costco ones to put in an alcove at my old place. Other stores (eg Target) were selling the same racks for more money. For boots you're basically limited to the topmost shelf in a stack.
Works now. I just wish you could filter by fitting.
Don't be surprised if it takes a while to ship. 6 days in my case.
If you search the archives it seems they've had the Westons for a couple of years, and have discounted them before. I was near the store today and walked by but they had a sign saying you had to knock to be let in and I didn't think it was worth wasting the owner's time. From what I saw through the window they had some dark oxfords, about 5-6 shoes on display.
 Not following... you weren't thin enough to get into a suit they had? And it has to do with "millenials"?
 CDN$100 ?
Brooks Brothers does have sales on their Blazers. I got mine for 30% off on a corporate sale day.
That's going to take a while.... My other English shoes are generally 7G, so for the Bourtons I went with a size 7 "6 Fitting" in the 4444 last because the worst thing I thought would happen was I'd wear thicker socks, same as my last pair of heavy brogues (the Herring Rusland by Cheaney). However, these are much, much stiffer, and after I made the mistake of trying light to medium weight socks to start it took all of two blocks for blisters to form on my admittedly bony...
First pair of Trickers: Bourtons on a commando sole from retricker. They don't post shoes in my required 6 fitting that often. Hopefully I'll get lucky with a boot next time. When I lived in London I seem to recall visiting the store on Jermyn St and not finding anything that fit but maybe I am thinking of the city shoes. These seem ok. Much more arch support than my last pair of heavy Cheaney brogues. The bellows tongue is a bit stuff and seems to have caught my...
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