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I'm also thinking about it but I am worried about the wool. I tend to favour tighter weaves for durability and I'm not sure how long the pants would last. I've had bad luck with things like loose herringbone weaves.
Duties are higher. Shoes are definitely 18%, and clothing is probably the same.
People definitely line up in Canada.
I was there yesterday. They said that in the past there wasn't enough interest so they stopped ordering 30 contemporary. It's a shame because I found the 30 slim was just too narrow for my lower legs and read too casual. The fabrics were great though.
The lack of AE was confusing. They definitely had Allen Edmonds belts on display.
Haven't had a chance to wear them, but I picked up these on sale from the Hanger Project recently. Good option for silk.
For sale is a pair of brown suede Grenson "Jack" loafers in a size UK 7. They were purchased from Club Monaco and worn about 4-5 times.   I am selling them because they run a bit large (a known fact about Grensons, but more of an issue with loafers) and I would prefer to wear shoes like these with thinner or no socks. As it is I get a bit of heel slip.   For reference I wear a UK 7G in Cheaney and Barker.   The shoes have surface toe plates fitted. These can be...
I got six of those Costco ones to put in an alcove at my old place. Other stores (eg Target) were selling the same racks for more money. For boots you're basically limited to the topmost shelf in a stack.
Works now. I just wish you could filter by fitting.
Don't be surprised if it takes a while to ship. 6 days in my case.
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