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Works now. I just wish you could filter by fitting.
Don't be surprised if it takes a while to ship. 6 days in my case.
If you search the archives it seems they've had the Westons for a couple of years, and have discounted them before. I was near the store today and walked by but they had a sign saying you had to knock to be let in and I didn't think it was worth wasting the owner's time. From what I saw through the window they had some dark oxfords, about 5-6 shoes on display.
 Not following... you weren't thin enough to get into a suit they had? And it has to do with "millenials"?
 CDN$100 ?
Brooks Brothers does have sales on their Blazers. I got mine for 30% off on a corporate sale day.
That's going to take a while.... My other English shoes are generally 7G, so for the Bourtons I went with a size 7 "6 Fitting" in the 4444 last because the worst thing I thought would happen was I'd wear thicker socks, same as my last pair of heavy brogues (the Herring Rusland by Cheaney). However, these are much, much stiffer, and after I made the mistake of trying light to medium weight socks to start it took all of two blocks for blisters to form on my admittedly bony...
First pair of Trickers: Bourtons on a commando sole from retricker. They don't post shoes in my required 6 fitting that often. Hopefully I'll get lucky with a boot next time. When I lived in London I seem to recall visiting the store on Jermyn St and not finding anything that fit but maybe I am thinking of the city shoes. These seem ok. Much more arch support than my last pair of heavy Cheaney brogues. The bellows tongue is a bit stuff and seems to have caught my...
Just received the long-sleeved GRP linen polo. First impression: pretty great. It can get pretty humid here so I expect it'll get a lot of wear.
Back room of Club Monaco on Queen (to the left) has Paraboot Avoriaz hiking boots for $400 less 40%. UK sizes 7.5 and up. Mostly black, although I think there is a UK8 in brown.   I considered getting a pair myself but Paraboots only come in one width and I'm an E. They're quite stiff and I wasn't really willing to risk going for a 7.5 over my usual UK 7G in something like that based on slipping them on over no-show socks.
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