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where does the london fit in that range?
check out the suit supply thread. not all of the jackets and pants are trendy/tight/short.
since suit supply was already mentioned, how about benjamin suits (ehaberdasher)?
ben, are you planning on selling any benjamin pinstripe suits like you did with the lucente models?
love the show and harvey's attire. but the big half-windsor knots don't do it for me.
it took me about a week after they received the package to get a refund.
i'd vote for harvey specter, but i'm not a fan of his tie knots...
Up for sale is one Benjamin Lucente Navy Blue Suit. The suit was purchased in late summer 2010 and has been worn. It is still in excellent shape. I'm looking to sell it since I do not need to wear suits everyday to work, and I have another navy suit. Includes Benjamin Sartorial garment bag. Price includes shipping. Size: 40R Material: 100% Super 140s Wool; Lining: 55% polyester, 45% viscose Measurements: jacket: approximately 18" across shoulder, 19" across chest,...
i looked at tuxes from JAB and Suit Supply for my wedding. JAB didn't have any of the deep discount sales when i was looking. bought and returned a Suit Supply tux because the legs were too tight. i ended up buying a one button, peak lapel, ventless tuxedo from the wizard of aahs on ebay. that might be an option for you. the only thing i didn't like about the tux was that it had flaps on the jacket pockets. but that's an easy fix as i just tucked them into the pockets. i...
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