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Quote: Originally Posted by james nicolas i love hearing when people get their things i try to keep everyone updated the whole way through when i order/ receive/ ship but i rarely ever get a response i'm too lazy to check all the delivery confirmation #s so i just assume everyone gets their stuff but i never know what happens to international orders i don't trust the people at usps at all so i'd really appreciate it if you let me know when you...
Received my order sometime last week and love all of it. My fav parts being the polos.. They're nice as hell. I'm 5-7 and smalls are perfectly sized.
Can't wait for my new wares Pretty big order you've got there in that picture too
I'm pricing out an order now, will send it in just a few Edit: PMd
Did you already put in the order? I have my subscription set to message me once a day, and I just received it.. Let me know, AIM- islangfiber. I'd like to buy shit tonight if possible.
I'd like to order 4-5 things whenever you do your next round. Money will be awaiting unless I decide to go with the goon wholesaler who wants about an extra 6-7$ per shirt over your prices. Do you want me to send you the list of what I want now, or wait until closer to your 11/7 date? Let me know man.
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