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I have a next to new Cartier Roadster mens watch I am interested in selling. I have had it about 7 months and it is guaranteed authentic. It is currently sitting on the optional Cartier burgundy Crocodile band and the Cartier deployment clasp. This watch is the "limited edition" with the black dial (non-chrono) and the white arabic numbers. This specific style has discontinued. Case materials: Stainless Steel Band material: Burgundy Crocodile Diameter: 43mm Water...
I am also interested, but need to know what they will fit?
It may have an interesting story, but I want that tie. Do any of you know when it was released?
I feel I must point this out but, Prorsum is the highest-end line of Burberry. Unless there is a brand called Prorsum I am unaware of?
How do these compare to Randolph Engineering?
I did not really notice any damage. I am really interested. PM me your paypal
If he flakes, I want it.
I am looking for the Bottega Veneta chain wallet. They were from a previous season and I have not been able to find them in store currently. There was one for sale on here a long time ago, but I missed out on that one unfortunately. If you happen to have one I would gladly take it off your hands. I am open to most colors except the almost white one. But brown, black, and any "different" color would be acceptable. The last time I saw one in a retail store was in Hawaii and...
New Posts  All Forums: