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Not sure, but I sold it for $950 so its fine with me:D
Tell me your opinion about L.G.R. specifically the RAW collection. I am really thinking about picking up a pair and am curious as to your opinions on them?
I truly do not know a whole lot about this watch. I posted it here a few weeks ago and got very inconclusive answers. What I am aware of is that its a vintage Jaeger-LeCoultre women's watch. I couldn't give an accurate year range for this piece, but my lack of knowledge is made up for with the sheer look of this watch. It is a very attractive piece. It has the factory original Crocodile band. And it has a 18kt gold case and clasp. It has a very unique and attractive Blue...
I got it at an flea market, it was buried in a bunch of junk. It looked really nice and it caught my eye. Especially when I saw the 18kt stamps lol
She just wasnt sure what to wearMy point entirely because B&R seems like a brand that is more as you put it "upscale casual" and so I was not sure if that type of dress would work or if I needed coat and tie. I mean when the man invited me he directly said he was trying to bring some of the "young crowd" out for the event.
She just was not sure if a cocktail dress would be appropriate or if she would be fine a little bit more casual.
I am going to a Bell and Ross viewing party that is being hosted by a local AD next week. I have been to events similar to this one before, however I went to those events with family members who would generally know the dress code and pass that information along to me ahead of time. However, I have been invited to this event personally and I dont believe they even have knowledge it is taking place. It is being held at the " air and space museum" which makes me think it...
Pm'd about both ties
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