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I know how it goes not being able to find OTR clothes at all really...Im currently 6'7" and a half or some shit like that and am currently at 265.So basically I wear xl or xxl simply because I need the length, Its kinda an issue, but I'd rather be tall lol
Spent some time there recently and we stayed in the Arena suite, which I must say was one of the most beautiful rooms I have ever had the privilege of staying in. If you get the chance to stay there, go for it.... As for the rest of the resort, overall I felt like it was right on the level of their other properties. The beach is beautiful the staff was wonderful and I really had no complaints over the course of our stay. I really enjoy golf and like to play whenever I am...
I have tried Zirh, Malin and Goetz and a few other but the one I have found the most success with is Kiehls Facial fuel line of products, and I primarily use the face wash on a regular basis and once or twice a week use the scrub. I have oily skin that is pretty sensitive and I have found no issues with the combination.
Honestly, I would say if they fit you should buy them. I have purchased three pairs, and I have never been disappointed and their customer service is impeccable, Idk if you are familiar with Dita but the quality of Salt I would say is on par.
Alright, I know Everyone seems to have asked at one point about custom suits but im looking for custom specifically in Tulsa, Ok. Basically I have been given (for christmas) a "gift certificate" to get a custom suit and a few shirts from anyone I desire in town. I know I could go to Sak's here but they only sell I believe HF and their own house label, which is not what I am currently looking for. There are a few places that come to mind but idk if they do custom work, or...
Well, I picked u the LGR's and they are pretty fantastic so far, and they are next to indestructible which is a plus.
I REALLY hate ebay...
I can see your point, however the watch was authenticated by a jeweler that sells vintage watches. Then I went into a pawn shop of all places where they offered me $950 for it, so i sold it to them... They will probably make a profit but, I wanted it gone because it was next to impossible to sell elsewhere.
What is that supposed to mean?
I am having difficulty locating any information about this Rolex. I am deciding whether I should pick it up or if their price is quite high. It is a women's watch and the case and bracelet appear to be gold and "black" not sure if it is an enamel, ceramic, or what the hell it is. I have seen some very "unique" Rolex's, but never one quite like this. Any help is appreciated.
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