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Yeah "plain jane cars" I agree however heavily modded cars can pull it off real well... I mean IMO this car looks fantastic. But with an RS6 grill, and my new HRE black wheels...
I would disagree with that, my friend has a matte black BMW M3 that he washes less than one would a gloss black car and it looks amazing. I am contemplating doing matte white on my A6 as well...
lol not as far as I'm aware...
Also nearer the price of the Taiga and Epi leather another case I would consider is the Bottega Veneta... I can't remember the name but it looks similar to the Epi just a little more deconstructed and its in the same $ range and in my opinion better quality.
I really like the Nomad leather. I have the Honore and I think it is the best leather they produce, it has very small LV details and looks really good. Compared to the Epi it wears especially well also, by that I mean the leather develops unique shades with wear. If the price point isn't an issue then I would go with the Nomad... Granted it is about $2k more I believe
Picked up a really nice looking vintage Omega this weekend, it only cost me $25... Im working on cleaning it up, I will post up some pictures once Im done with it.
So are there really not many fraternity men on here? I searched through the forum and found a few random threads but not much posting on any of them. I am honestly a bit surprised at how much representation isn't?
I mean I'm a current Sigma Chi and I can easily say that the majority of the "style" mentioned above is not what Ive seen/know. I mean cargo shorts are a huge NO... I mean I know SMU literally banned them and I know at a lot of schools if your wearing cargo shorts someone is going to put bricks in your pockets. I would say the typical look is more the ralph lauren, lacoste, southern tide, vineyard vines etc. I know no one in our house that owns anything by Abercrombie,...
You guys have fun with your fantasy Audi's, Im just fine with my A6
Yeah actually..... My weight fluctuates with sports seasons and what im doing then and since I dislocated my knee I have come to find out that by about 26 I should be more like 6'9"
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