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Yeah, they throw some "proprietary" ingredients and an intense name and charge like $35+ a bag...
Idk about the price point but I know Isopure is what I use now and I have tried Way to many types... It has the perfect ratio of carbs to protein though and I believe its like 35g per serving with like 180 or so calories. You should try it, you can get it in small and large sizes.
I picked up these Sony ones for like $40 I believe, they work well for athletics. They have the ear clip and are "sweat proof" and can get quite loud, and realistically they were pretty cheap. They are on sale for like $27 now...
I agree with the post on Balla powder, I use the "tingle" formula.... Its great lol
And while there are plenty of things I would assume "take" since it was a gift I can't really complain
I realize a lot of you don't "respect" blended scotch but, realize I'm not a connoisseur I am a college student who happened to get a nice IMO bottle of scotch. Realistically I am more of a Crown and coke type... I do appreciate the info though and will try it both ways. Maybe this will "open my eyes" so to say...
On that plasti-dip note although the black looks Really bad the white actually looks great... The matte white car I posted was from a car done fully in plasti-dip. It only cost him about $1k and is removable like the vinyl wrap... I had thought about the vinyl wrap but it runs about $3500 from any reputable shop I have talked to.
Any help for "proper" drinking for good scotch? Im normally the mix cheap blends with some cola or lemonade type. However I was given a bottle of JW Blue label and I feel like doing that would be a huge waste. Im assuming its just neat in a glass, however ice? no ice? chilled... Typical questions I guess. Would be interested in your opinions.
Happiest thing of recent.... A family friend told me that he was going to "step my game up" when it came to my spirits... I am a college student I drink what I have around for the most part, so he gave an unreasonably expensive bottle of Scotch. Johnnie Walker Blue label in that Ridiculous leather like case...Now to figure out the "proper" way to drink it lol
Maybe we just have different tastes but i think this car pulls it off real well...
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