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I ordered a five pack a few weeks ago and i got them a few days ago. The quality is pretty good and they are some of the only socks i have found that actually fit how they are supposed to.
I am looking to buy a pair of the bone/Grey Dita Lanciers. I want to either buy a pair or need help locating a pair in the US. I will really appreciate all the help.
Im not able to view your pictures? also, i have a size 50 burberry car coat, would it fit the same way?
can i see some pictures?
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr Why are you on the internet, 'boarding school' boy? Your weekend pass should be revoked. What does that even mean?
So what color are the Berettas?
So what color are the Berretas?
No, but an intern from Frankfurt is stuck here in Virginia for awhile
I was in this same situation earlier this year. These are the cars i looked at and drove, i must say i pretty much looked at every mid to high end SUV all the way from the Acura MDX to the MB G500. 1. Range Rover Sport- nice, but for 50k ish you get an 06, around 40k miles and as my friends know when the warranties gone it can get pretty pricey. 2. Bmw X6- Loved the looks of it, looked at the X5 didnt give it a second glance after seeing the X6, I like cars that are a...
Im assuming your looking for a coupe? Personally my cousin had that car in question and he ended up selling it because it was underpowered and it did not handle very well. Although, im not as knowledgable about those types of cars, i know that a friend of mine has a FWd scion tc, and i must say i was suprised with its power and its rather responsive handling. Also, you should concider the hyundai tiburon gt, it also FWD and has a decent power plant behind it.
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