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It is pretty damn impressive.
I would agree about the Phantom, I saw one a week or so ago in a shopping center near my house. It had texas plates and well a relatively young woman was driving it(now, I could go into woman drivers but I will save that for another time). Point being though she was trying to stuff a stroller in the back and couldn't figure out how to close the trunk..... It was pretty entertaining, I decided after a few minutes to inform her there was button in the trunk.
Proabaly... The only whey supplement I have ever used is Isopure or "Extreme smoothies"
Yeah, I know that entirely, yesterday I was doing shrugs and the bar is behind me and one guy and his "bros" were more or less jumping about halfway then swinging their way to the top... All I could do was laugh a little
Normally I would agree entirely, however where I live I doubt AVICII or anyone I would recognize will be playing any of our clubs...
Went last year (fucking ridiculous) won't be this year... Las Vegas is a tad far anyway, I went to Dallas.... Lots of things happened
^ me neither, but I am kinda glad you did
Pushups Idk I normally just do them for about 20 minutes... Don't really count I go for time more than reps. And pull-ups... I really suck at, granted I am pulling up 260lbs, and I find them a tad difficult especially because with most bars I can grip standing flat with my arms kinda bent. Just curious you guys talking about doing high reps in pull-ups, how much do you weight? Because IMO it would be easier to pull up 140 then 240 etc.
I would stay away from muscle milk products at all costs... IMO some of the worst stuff you can get, if you actually read the label on the stuff It has a crazy amount of calories, carbs, and a lot of fat. If you are just trying to gain mass then use it but if you are trying to gain lean muscle mass I would look for one without all the extra stuff (fat, carbs, etc.) and get one with a protein to calorie ratio of around 1 to 4.
I know I could go to any of a dozen "muscle" forums and get a lot of really intense answers from a lot of "professionals", so I figured I would ask and see what you guys think about a few things. Starting off I am a big guy, Im 6'7" and about 290 at the moment, I have a dislocated knee so running is kinda out of the question at the moment. I am a college student and am not looking to drop a couple hundred bucks on some breathtaking new supplements that make me feel...
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