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Yeah, cell-tech does good work if I was trying to gain mass and more muscle, I am trying to cut fat and simply maintain my current muscle mass.
I want this for some strange reason, saw it on uncrate and am not sure wether I'm excited or terrified... But either way I shall be picking up a bottle http://www.masterofmalt.com/vodka/100000-scovilles-naga-chilli-vodka/
^ I agree entirely my thing is that for my size I "should" be taking about 290-300 grams of protein a day which to me sound ridiculous. Plus the supplements do help, i don't know about you but It is next to impossible for me to go to class work etc. then have enough natural energy to go and workout for an hour or so.
I mean although a lot of their patterns are a bit too much for me. My questions comes in when discussing their mens shoes mostly their sneakers. I can understand that their price/quality for the dress shoes may not be that of the some of the high-end and lesser advertised brands but what do you make of them selling their high tops for about 600 compared to oh lets say Lanvin or Rick owens which imo the quality is on par or less than. I mean the last pair of Lanvins I...
Well first off I take the Nerotropics because they allow me to focus without feeling jittery with a lot of caffeine. My problem mainly lied with the fact that I was taking whatever I had at the moment. I went to Complete Nutrition yesterday and picked up a few things; IsoPure zero carb protein and "Adrenalize" I am going to be taking about 280-320grams of protein per day and am taking between 2-3 pills a day. Know anything about adrenalize? And would you suggest anything...
Searched and couldn't really find anything about this brand on here (surprised). Did I not look hard enough? I don't want to repeat everything that has been said. If not, What do you guys think? Are there prices even kinda understandable, I mean their shit is REALLY expensive, is it good quality? Since the main place I'm seeing stuff is ebay and a handful of online stores, anybody know of ways to authenticate their products or are they not faked much? Really thinking...
Everyone on here for some reason likes to shit on brands like Louis Vuitton and more or less every other non-niche label. I honestly don't understand that? I mean they make quality products, they may not be "worth" the price tag they carry, but most of the brands we all buy are not really worth the retail either. I like a fair amount of the LV men's collection and if I could spend the $ for a few pairs of their shoes/and or clothes I def. would. I know I do have one pair...
It is pretty damn impressive.
I would agree about the Phantom, I saw one a week or so ago in a shopping center near my house. It had texas plates and well a relatively young woman was driving it(now, I could go into woman drivers but I will save that for another time). Point being though she was trying to stuff a stroller in the back and couldn't figure out how to close the trunk..... It was pretty entertaining, I decided after a few minutes to inform her there was button in the trunk.
Proabaly... The only whey supplement I have ever used is Isopure or "Extreme smoothies"
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