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Still looking
I am looking to pick up another pair of Dita's. I don't really have a specific price point in mind, but I am not looking to pay retail. I am interested in several models: Lancier Ps003 Grandmaster 2 Midnight Special and the Baron's If you have any of these sunglasses let me know, I may also be interested in other variations of the Lanciers. Thanks
Forgot about this listing, still selling dropped the price substantially. If anyone has any interest send me a reasonable offer.
Dita is known for producing some of the finest sunglasses you can find, these are no exception. This is a pair of Brand New Dita Grandmaster 3 sunglasses. You are likely familiar with this style, as it has been worn by countless actors, professional athletes, and musicians. I purchased these new from an authorized dealer and have had them in my collection ever since, I have since decided to sell a handful of frames. They have been worn once or twice then put away. They...
Here we have a nearly flawless Be&D black patent leather hobo style bag with brass studded accents. There is one outside zippered pocket near the bottom of the bag that has a studded zipper pull. While this is a hobo style bag there is also an optional tie attached to the interior of the bag. The inside has the nice Be&D plaque on the inside above a cellphone sized pocket. There is also a zippered pocket on the inside. This bag has so much room on the inside for everything...
Looking to buy a nice pair of alligator loafers or drivers. Not terribly brand specific as long as they look nice and are in good shape, my only specific is that they are actual alligator not patterned calfskin and I am looking for a size 12D. (price isnt necessarily what I will pay, that depends on the shoes) If you have any message me and we will go from there. Thanks
I have for sale a gorgeous Cesare Attolini for Bijan suit. It is a size 44 regular, and is a light camel color. My uncle bought it new for over $10k. It has seen little wear and is too small for either of us to wear now. I was told that the blue on the interior label was the defining mark that it was made by Attolini. I do not have the suit in front of me but tomorrow I will put the exact measurement up on here. I will also take some more detailed shots then to add to the...
Selling a very nice JBL Synthesis SPD-40HD surround sound preamplifier. This unit was installed in a highend home theater in a lake house so it received little use over its life thus far, it is only about a year and a half old and it was installed in a home that was foreclosed before anyone lived there. Pyramid audio in Houston checked it out and deemed it to be like new. New retail on this is about $13k and it can be had online for about $9k. I could not find any others...
Finding out I was allergic to horses on a horseback ride in Hawaii... Kinda killed my vacation
Gotcha well then; I am 20, 6'7" and am currently at 290 lbs. My activity level is that I work but try each morning to get in a lift or swim or something similar.
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