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got my co mix tees in.. anyone else notice they run shorter all around.. may need to exchange for a a med..
how soon after placing an order should i expect it to be fulfilled?
kith only
still no measurements for XS on the site.. curious to see the difference between small U necks and extra small.. Brandi?
Man that dune villain just got added to my list
@JohnElliottCo when will you update the site with measurments for an xs.. Or can you post them on here. I am normally a small but want to size down on u-neck since they are longer then crews. Thank you
not sure if posted but anyone have XS measurements on the tees? the website doesn't list them... ima small in the basic crews but wonder if i should size down on u necks.. thanks
anyone selling a sz m villain.. Black, grey or sand
Measurements? New fit or old?
It fits but personally I would size up so you could layer it
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