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Not to change topics but Anyone try out the aime leon dore reverse terry shorts? Wondering if inseam is too short and quality.
Raschel Shorts sz med Natural DS just looking to get back what i paid
Got my black pile in medium in and I'm returning it. Length is perfect but the body is just soooo big. And if I size down I'm afraid will be too cropped. Think I'm somewhere in between sizes .. smh, I've had really bad luck with Je purchases lately too got raschel shorts in natural medium and same issue. Just too big. Lmk if anyone is interested in either before they go back
Happy to sit out this tuesday's release.. no real need for more jackets
Looking for sz 31 Skittles
so I can't hold out any longer and since I recently sold my pluma's, I think I'm going to finally pull the trigger on some skittles. Can anyone help me track the best price for a sz 31 right now?
Still no pics of black pile?
I'm also starting to think the all white jeans we thought we were getting are instead those jeans with the ankle block and raw hem
am i the only one who still hasn't gotten tracking for the pile
Anyone with medium raschel shorts in NATURAL and looking to get rid of them lmk
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