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curse you!!!... knowing damn well you didn't need any more Mercer's
more pics.. less questions
got in my mesh rebel sand in small.. and i should have went with a medium. It fits but a little too constricting for me.. think the fact it doesn't have any stretch to it doesn't help. PM me if you interested.
yeah id imagine you would want it pretty fitted initially since leather stretches
Yeah those jeans ain't for you bro.. I think having to alter a jean to that level means you probably should just look for an alternate route
@srizvi722 you gotta keep both of those dual zips and move some of the older hoodies.. to me they are just more functional pieces as you can wear them open and closed.. but that's just my opinion. also when you have time can i see pics of the black, and olive washed tees? thanks *also that olive mercer looks great up there.. did you size down?
Can we get more pics of this seasons tees... Really trying to get an accurate color for each.. Thanks
I love the look of that pair of white denim .. Though I personally can't do it. Just something about white denim
so if I'm a med in reg villain i should go with a small? or med?
can someone help me locate the sizing guide for the mesh rebel hoodie? specifically the measurements for a med..thanks in advance or can someone who owns it and a reg villain confirm if the sizing is the same..
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