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My bad it was reward cash
wife had a bunch of promo codes was able to get the sweats for 35.. Sized down 1 to a small.. not really expecting much but can always return.
Looking for grey denim.. zincs or scarab? Does anyone own both and is it worth it or too similar ?
Is it me or do those gap escos look like washed black? Really have my doubts that the items will fit that well unfortunately.
based on the most recent pics of that spring restock you might be better off just going with the plumas. someone posted the updated version couple pages back and the wash was different.
gap x gq collab looks interesting, glad they highlighted him stressing the fit of the items.. really don't mind the black SASHIKO jeans.. deff best colorway snapped a pic of harlot this morning.. figured add to the references.. love the new fit
man material on that thumper jacket is amazing.. would love to see something like that on a sweater.. reminds me of a coogi almost or SNS herning
craziest thing is they don't look that bad here
You think so? I think those sleeves allow him to layer and not be too restricted.
Perfect .. what hoody is that (color?)Got my harlot jeans in and the new fit is amazing. I will be buying zincs now too. Was surprised at how dirty and almost red tinted the jeans are. Website doesn't do a great job at capturing this either
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