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Great pics guys thanks. Man cp's are just not a shoe that looks good beat up
and if i wanted to just get the graphites would i be good with a 30? thanks guys for the help
so i returned my cast 2 spring because I never got around to wearing them. I want to purchase scarab but they don't have a 31 left only a 30.. according to the measurements they are identical everywhere except for the waist..which was a bit large on me with the 31.. can anyone who's worn both sizes verify they fit the same?
Lebron wearing Nike shorts not JE
If a small over sprayed crew in black doesn't work for anyone let me know. Sold out on site
I have a sz small sand mesh rebel I'm letting go for cheap. Pm me
curse you!!!... knowing damn well you didn't need any more Mercer's
more pics.. less questions
got in my mesh rebel sand in small.. and i should have went with a medium. It fits but a little too constricting for me.. think the fact it doesn't have any stretch to it doesn't help. PM me if you interested.
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