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I'm assuming locally? Cuz I don't see any online but could use a small slate
Not really missing out on much bro tbh
the medium in the brown but the large in the maroon.. maybe your pics are deceiving tho
kinda regret not picking up that slate flannel
So returned my half zip .. kake or raw edge in black?
yeah i need to try an anti expo
I got my washed crew neck in and the sizing seems different from the earlier renditions.. i have the same sweater in the washed clay from earlier in the year and it fits perfect, just got a washed black in and it fits much smaller.. from his point forward I'm just gonna always go for TTS with my purchases.
i should have jumped when Barney's had the white ones for 200
speaking of ss17.. can we finally get some cardigans.. the ones from the runway were
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